5 simple ways to grow your mailing list

5 simple ways to grow your mailing list

Over time email lists experience natural decay. Some people will unsubscribe, and others will change their email addresses. While for the most part a decline in your original subscribers is unavoidable, you can work to increase your email sign ups so that your list is constantly growing instead of shrinking.

Here are 5 ways to grow your mailing list.

Install a pop up on your website

A pop up asking the user to subscribe to your list is a great lead generator because once you’ve placed it on your website, there is little to no maintenance required to keep it functioning. All you have to do is sit back and watch the leads roll in. But be wary, if it’s not installed strategically a pop up can be extremely annoying and distracting. The aim of a pop up shouldn’t be to interrupt the user experience, but to offer your viewer a ‘next step’ to engage with your brand. An exit pop up is particularly effective because it doesn’t interrupt your viewer as they engage with your content. Instead, it gets their attention just before they’re about to leave your page.

Put “subscribe” buttons on your blog

Whether it says sign up to our mailing list, subscribe to our newsletter, sign up for free or something else, a call-to-action button on your blog posts will provide your blog viewers with the opportunity to sign up to your mailing list.

Include an “email to a friend” button in your emails

This is a simple way to encourage people to share your email content with their friends who may then go on to subscribe to your list. Word of mouth is a valuable form of marketing because it create a relationship of trust from the get-go. People will trust a recommendation from a friend more than they will an advertisement on a billboard. Including an “email to a friend” button on your email communications provides an avenue for your existing audience to recommend your emails, brand or products to their friends.

Write some guest blog posts

Guest blogging provides access to a new audience so that you can draw them to your website through links. By placing a link to subscribe to your mailing list on your guest posts, you can attract audiences directly from other websites to your mailing list.

Provide special offers

This can be particularly effective on social media where you can run giveaways, contests or provide discounts on products in return for the user’s contact details. You can also offer a valuable resource to your audience like a free copy of your eBook, trial of your software or online course in exchange for their email addresses.

If you would like help growing your email list, get in touch with Green Door Co today.

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