When is the best time to post? Getting the most engagement from your social media strategy

When is the best time to post on social media?

When is the best time to post? Getting the most engagement from your social media strategy

Understanding the best time to post your social media messages is an important part of your social media strategy. Understanding what content to post, and when, improves the chance that your messages will be seen and your target audience will engage.

So when is the best time to post? Sprout Social conducted research on the most popular social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Here are their findings:


Sprout Social found that if there is one day of the week that is the busiest for Facebook, it’s Thursdays. The best time to post on a Thursday is between 1pm and 2pm – most likely when your audience is on their lunch break or have some extra time.

However, Falcon.IO found the highest Facebook engagement was Fridays 12-4pm, with Thursday’s a close second.

When posting on other days during the week, the times where your post is likely to get the highest reach is weekdays between 10am and 3pm.

9am and 8pm were also popular times according to Falcon.IO. This is most likely because of users commuting, procrastinating the start of their workday or relaxing at home in the evening.

When not to post on Facebook

Saturdays see the least amount of engagement in the whole week, most likely as people are busy with their weekends. On a daily basis, evening and early mornings proved to be the quietest.

Be aware that these statistics can vary from industry to industry. For example, the consumer goods industry found that it was valuable to post between 10am and 6pm on weekdays. This is because of the online shoppers at work.


Again, Thursdays are the best day to post on Instagram. The times of day which get the most engagement during the week are Tuesdays – Thursdays from 9am to 6pm. So you can see there are many more hours for your Instagram post to be successful when compared to Facebook.

Interestingly, some of the highest engagement with Instagram was weekdays at 5am. This most likely is due to your audience waking up and checking their phones first thing in the morning.

The second most popular time on Instagram as uncovered by Falcon.IO was lunchtime. Users are likely to upload pictures of their lunch and look at food images when they feel peckish.

In contrast to Facebook, there was still notable engagement with Instagram on weekends. This could be due to people posting about their weekend activities like brunch, visiting friends or communing with nature.

When not to post on Instagram

Engagement with Instagram is at its lowest early Sunday and Monday mornings. If you are in the consumer goods industry, Mondays have the lowest engagement, most likely as your audience is likely catching up on work and spending less time shopping online.


Friday is the best day of the week to post to Twitter, and the tweets with the most engagement appeared on Fridays between 9am and 10am. Other times throughout the week that are most successful are 10am until midday.

Interestingly, Saturday afternoons were also popular. This could be explained by Twitter users tweeting and responding to tweets about sporting events.

Bucking trends is the education industry. The best time to tweet if your business is in this field is Mondays at 3pm and 7pm and Saturdays at 3pm.

When not to Tweet

Sunday mornings and late at night on a Monday are the quietest times for the Twittersphere. In the B2B sector, ignore weekends all together.


LinkedIn had the lowest amount of engagement of all the social media networks analysed. This is unsurprising as the purpose of the network is to connect with professionals, rather than sell.

That said, Falcon.IO reported that LinkedIn sees the most clicks, shares and comments right before work, during lunch and after work (8am, midday and 5-6pm).

Sprout Social found the best time for posting on LinkedIn is Wednesdays between 3pm and 5pm. Other high-engagement periods are Tuesday and Thursday.

When not to post to LinkedIn

Friday through to Monday. This is unsurprising as most of your audience are enjoying their weekends and engaging with more personal social media rather than thinking about business.

While this research can give a guide to when your business may receive maximum engagement, it is important to keep in mind that each industry is different. What’s more, you need to consider your target audience. Before engaging in any social media strategy, you should have a clear understanding of who your target audience is and what platforms they tend to engage with and when. Different lifestyle factors and interests will play a huge role in this.

Always remember to take into account what cities and countries you are targeting. Time zones play an important role in ensuring maximum engagement with your social media posts. Don’t post at 9am AEST if your audience lives in Perth where at any given time, your audience are 2-3 hours behind.

To better understand your target market, and receive personalised information on the best social media platform to choose and when to post, contact us today.  

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