Should your business be on Instagram?

Should your business be on Instagram?

Instagram is an image-central social media platform, and with over 400 million active users worldwide, it’s easy to see why it might be a good idea for your business to be on there.

It’s a great platform for personal and business use, showcasing products, sharing information or pictures of your business and staff members, as well as exciting developments or announcements in your business. Instagram has proven to be impactful for photo friendly businesses such as fashion brands, restaurants, technology, design, and architecture, but really, almost any business type can see success on Instagram, it’s just about getting creative.

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for showing the human side of your business, allowing followers to get a glimpse of the behind the scenes fun and innovative ideas that you’re implementing.

So, why should your business be on there?

For increased brand recognition

Content is extremely visual and shareable on Instagram, and users are highly engaged, meaning the chance that your business is seen by many is higher than that of other social media platforms. The more people see your brand, and get to know your story, the more they will remember you and have positive connotations towards your product or service.

To make strong connections

In marketing, it is thought that a person needs to have been ‘touched’ by a business or brand eight times before they will do business with them. So ultimately, Instagram makes up a big part of what should be an overall marketing strategy.

To humanise your brand

Every business has people that are behind the scenes, and users love seeing those types of photos on Instagram. It humanises your brand and can make people feel more connected to you, which will increase their trust in your brand.

To grow your business

Many different business types see huge success on Instagram. Often it’s a mix of consistent posting with vibrant and on brand content, strategic hashtags and text, engaging with your followers, and the overall value you are providing. It’s important to understand that Instagram, like many social platforms shouldn’t always aim for the hard sell. The new age of marketing is all about providing value, being authentic, and giving information about your products or services without being pushy.

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