Enhancing your brand with influencer marketing

Enhancing your brand with influencer marketing

How many times have you asked a friend for some advice when searching for a product or service? As consumers, we tend to trust third-party reviews over claims from a company themselves. We are more inclined to try a product after we hear the results from friends and family. This has given rise to influencers, as they earn our trust and impact our decisions.

So, if you choose to use influencers to enhance your brand, what should you know? Here are some pros and cons:

Pro: The power of the visual

Customers buy into stories and lifestyles. If an influencer presents their life a certain way and the customer enjoys that lifestyle, there is a high chance of that customer taking on the suggestions of the influencer. This is an effective way to reach your customers without having to ‘sell’.

The stories an influencer tells about themselves and the images they portray, position your product or service. This shows customers what is on offer and whether it’s right for them without significant time and energy investment.

Overall, this gives your brand a positive brand image. Customers tend to be disgruntled when they research and purchase a product or service, that doesn’t meet their needs or expectations.

Pro: Influencers speak loudly to Generation Z

If your target market is anyone 25 and below, social media and influencers play an integral role in how this demographic receive their information.

For Generation Z, influencers are a type of celebrity. The opinions of these celebrities shape what this demographic engage with. This demographic openly share influencer content, thus they push your brand further afield to groups that may be unaware of what you have to offer.

Con: Posts labelled with a #hashtag or paid ad are considered inauthentic

If it is obvious that the influencer promoting your products and services has been paid for their endorsement, then customers are less likely to trust the products or services being promoted.

It is important that the promotion is done in a clever way so the content outweighs the sales aspect. The role of influencer marketing is to give honest thoughts and opinions, aimed at informing others.

Con: Influencers will say what they think

The role of influencers is to give open and honest feedback about the products or services they have experienced – the good, the bad and the ugly. If they don’t like a certain feature or don’t know how to use it, a successful influencer will say so.

Good influencers give a balanced account of a product so some bad may be mixed in with the good. The best thing you can do is take the feedback on board and find ways to improve your product. If you are successful, approach the influencer and see if they will provide an update.

Influencer marketing is a new way forward and if you would like advice on how best to use this unique method to assist your brand, contact us today.

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