Is Facebook’s algorithm change affecting your social media marketing?

Is Facebook’s algorithm change affecting your social media marketing?

Facebook is constantly updating its algorithm. It is how the platform continues to optimise the user experience and fix errors. Many updates go unnoticed by most of Facebook’s 2.2 billion monthly users. But one change this year was more notable than others, especially for online marketers.

The ‘meaningful interactions’ update was announced earlier this year, to the dismay of many individuals and companies that use the platform for marketing. Facebook announced that the update would make significant changes to what users see in their News Feed, prioritising what the company refers to as ‘meaningful interactions’. Facebook characterises ‘meaning interactions’ as interactions that are from other users instead of company pages, and ones that provoke conversation. That includes content from family and friends, posts that encourage long comments and Live videos.

The change is now well in effect and many marketers are reporting concerns over the diminishing visibility of their social content in users’ News Feeds.

So what does this mean for your social media strategy?

Marketers now need to work more strategically to reach their social audience. Here’s how.

Create content that will encourage interaction

Facebook posts that attract a lot of long comments are now looked favourably upon by Facebook. These are the posts that will shoot straight to the top of your audience’s News Feeds, so it’s definitely worth noting. Try testing different types of posts and see which ones garner the most long comments. Depending on the post, it might even be beneficial to add a bit of controversy to your content in order to provoke conversation.

Rethink your posting frequency

Think quality over quantity. It’s more valuable to spend your time creating great content that is going to connect with your audience on a personal level, rather than posting 50 times a day. As long as you’re creating great content that is valuable to your customers and prospective customers, posting frequently shouldn’t matter too much.

Embrace Live video

People interact with Live videos more than regular ones, which is why Live videos are favoured in the News Feed. Live video is a great tool for showing your audience what your brand is all about on a very human level. Live video can be used to stream events, to perform interviews, to announce important company updates or to simply update your audience on your day-to-day happenings.

Ask your community to become ‘see firsters’

Facebook had introduced the option for users to see content from their favourite pages first. The company calls this action to ‘see first’. A simple settings change can mean that your audience sees your posts before other content on the News Feed. Don’t be afraid to ask your audience to become ‘see firsters’ and show them how.

Leverage Facebook ads

The best way to make sure your content is seen on Facebook is to put money behind it. Although it’s not free, advertising on Facebook can be very cost effective, as long as your creative is great and targeting is precise. Facebook ads can be a good accompaniment to your regular organic content.

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