Where to find inspiration for new content

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Where to find inspiration for new content

Creating relevant, engaging and rich content on a regular basis can be a challenge for brands. It can be tricky to remain inspired and formulate new content ideas that will attract attention while prompting engagement amongst your target audience.

So where are the best places to look for inspiration when creating new content?

Your own blog

It may sound simple, but if you maintain your own blog, you will already have a repertoire of relevant content that can be used as a base for creating new content. Sentences, sections or entire blog posts can be transformed into new content mediums such as videos, images, infographics, eBooks, online workshops, or a podcast. By making use of your most popular blog posts, you can be sure to create new content that will make a real impact on your target audience.


When creating content to engage new and existing customers, the most important things to think about are what your customers want, what they are interested in and how you can solve a problem for them. When addressing these areas, content inspiration is bound to arise. Don’t be afraid to ask your audience what they would like to see more of or what challenges they face in relation to your industry, product or service.

Social media

Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter provide a great opportunity for brands to listen to target audiences and learn what makes them tick. Because of this, it’s a great place to look for content inspiration. Try searching certain keywords and hashtags relating to your brand, reading through comments and becoming a part of the conversation. You can also use a social listening tool, like Mention, Sendible or Hootsuite to do the hard work for you. Browsing through social media channels like Pinterest and Instagram can also provide stimulus for creating visual content.

The calendar

Great content is engaging, informative and in some cases timely. Developing timely content relating to special days of the year can help boost your reach and engagement at these times. Special days might include holidays like Christmas, or other days that are relevant to your target audience, for instance World Youth Day, International Women’s Day, Father’s Day etc. Look to your calendar or websites like Forekast to find out which special days are coming up this year.

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