How to get more followers on Instagram

How to get more followers on Instagram

It’s easy to let yourself believe that “if you build it, they will come” when it comes to building your business’ audience on Instagram. You’ve got a great logo or profile photo, your bio is sharp, and you post regularly with interesting photos and videos. So…where are all your followers? Why haven’t people just found you and are lining up to follow you?

It’s not enough anymore (was it ever?) to just BE on social media, you actually have to consistently engage on there too if you want to see real results. And it helps to have more followers than just your mum to see those great results.

Now, not all followers are created equal. It’s better to have 500 engaged and interested people as your followers than it is to have 3000 disinterested people, or robots. They aren’t going to become customers anyway, and are just bringing your conversion stats down.

Here are our top tips for building a follower base of actively engaged people on Instagram:

Use hashtags on every post

Yes, yes – you constantly hear about how important hashtags are on social media. Well, because they ARE. Hashtags allow people to find you, and using the right ones can open your Instagram profile up to a large and targeted audience. According to Buffer, posts with 11+ hashtags receive the most interactions, and Instagram allows you to use up to 30, so get tagging! To learn more about hashtags and how to use them, check out our post.

Interact with relevant people

Sometimes to gain followers, you have to go out there and find them. Everyone loves the feeling of getting liked and followed on Instagram, so start by following relevant people in your industry, and liking a few of their photos to show you like their work. You can also go to your competitors profiles and go through their followers and follow them. After all, if someone follows your competitor, why wouldn’t they want to follow a similar account like yours? Comment on photos that you like from relevant handles to initiate engagement. Make sure they are genuine comments otherwise you’ll be mistaken for a bot! This will help drive return follows.

Run a contest

A contest or giveaway is one of the best ways to increase your follower base on Instagram. People love to win stuff, and they are a lot of fun. Make sure you’re giving away something relevant to your business (your own products are a good idea!), and make sure it’s something people want. You can team up with a few other businesses and do a joint giveaway, whereby you all gain followers in the process. However, be mindful that Instagram has rules when it comes to running contests, and these rules can change for different countries and states so make sure to do your homework.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are short videos or photos that are usually casual in nature and disappear from your profile after 24 hours, similar to Snapchat. They give brands a chance to show an inside look into their business as they seek to interact and relate more with their followers and customers.

Most importantly, when it comes to being discovered by potential new followers, Instagram Stories give you the chance to be recommended on Instagram. This happens on the explore page of Instagram, where people are shown videos based on handles and posts that they follow and like. Viral videos also end up here! So it pays to make sure your stories are relevant, engaging and fun.

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