Green Door Co launches!

Green Door Co launches!

New specialist SME consultancy, Green Door Co, launches with goal of unlocking marketing opportunities for SMEs

Media Release
27 June 2016

A new specialist small to medium sized enterprise (SME) marketing consultancy, Green Door Co, has launched, with the goal of helping SMEs take their businesses to the next level.

Green Door Co Founder and Director Heather Marano was awarded a B&T 30 Under 30 award in 2015 for her work at the helm of PR, social and content consultancy Heather Marano Freelance Consulting. The launch of Green Door Co recognises the evolution of the business into a full service SME focused marketing consultancy.

Marano believes that SMEs have previously been locked out from marketing opportunities; a key motivator for the launch of Green Door Co.

“SMEs make up the largest part of the Australian market, yet are often excluded from marketing opportunities due to prohibitive costs. Most SMEs can’t afford to employ a marketing team, and typical agency costs are well outside their budget.”

“At Green Door Co, our aim is to unlock affordable, creative and effective content, social, PR and marketing solutions for SMEs, making a genuine difference for their business.”

Green Door Co launches with a team of four consultants, with plans to continue to grow the team throughout the year.

“We have an amazing team of smart, curious and authentic consultants, all passionate about delivering content, social, PR and marketing services to SMEs. It is the quality of the partnerships the team develop with our clients which gets them great results.”

The consultancy also employs a unique workplace model where flexibility is paramount.

“The number one thing people are looking for at work is flexibility. The reality is that we now live completely integrated lives where family, study, personal passions and work can’t be kept neatly in their silos.”

“At Green Door Co we empower and trust the team to manage their own time. This allows them time for their passions and priorities, encourages a great team culture, and drives greater productivity and engagement with work.”

Green Door Co will soon secure an office, but will continue to engage a hybrid model where the team can work in the office or remotely as they wish.

Green Door Co works with clients across a range of industries including professional services, technology, travel, health, lifestyle, education, marketing and not for profit.

Current clients include Blue Star Group, IVE Group, YMCA NSW, Kwik Kopy, Owen Hodge Lawyers, AirPlus International, AVPartners, AIS Leadership Centre, The Leadership Circle, CPS Property & Finance, Centennial Property Services, Kudjoe, Slipstream, Small Things Home and Foster Care Angels.

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For more information about Green Door Co contact:

Heather Marano
+61 450 904 875

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