How to advertise on Instagram

How to advertise on Instagram

Running a successful ad campaign on Instagram is all about having a clear objective, setting up the right targeting and delivering creative that will grab the attention of your target audience.

Along with your Facebook advertising, Instagram ads can be run entirely from Facebook Ads Manager. Here’s how to get started.


The key to running a high performing campaign on Instagram is identifying and understanding the specific business problem you’re trying to solve. Whether it’s driving awareness for the brand, creating consideration for your products or sending people to your website to purchase a product or service, knowing your key objective is the first step.

If you’re trying to raise awareness for your business or product, consider selecting the brand awareness or reach objective when setting up your campaign. This will serve your ad to a wide audience of people who are likely to remember your content.

If you’re trying to drive consideration for your products or build leads, select the traffic or lead objective. This will serve your ads to people who are likely to click through to your website to learn more or sign up to your mailing list.

If you’re trying to drive a specific action on your site, select the website conversion objective to serve your ad to people who are likely to click on your ad and convert.


Now that you’ve selected the specific campaign objective, next comes the targeting method. There are three different types of targeting you can leverage to reach the right people within your target audience.

Demographic and interest targeting: targeting people based on their demographic traits or interests on the platform.

Custom audiences: people who have previously visited your website, purchased a product or signed up to your mailing list.

Lookalike audiences: people who share similar behaviours to those within your custom audience. They are likely to take similar actions to those who have previously done so on your website.


Last comes the ad itself. Without high-quality creative, your ad will fail to win against competitors within the Instagram auction. When creating your ad, think about the specific message you’re trying to convey and ensure it comes across in the creative assets as well as the copy.

Another thing to consider is the content medium. If the launch of IGTV tells us anything, it’s that the future of Instagram is video. Video can help you to achieve greater cut-through within the newsfeed – for all of the objectives listed above.

Key things to keep in mind when developing your creative:

  1. Build for the Instagram feed – capture the audience’s attention within the first 3 seconds
  2. Ensure your video works with sound off, but delights with sound on
  3. Keep it short, sharp and succinct – 5-15 seconds

Remember, good creative = cheaper results.

Placement optimisation – finding the user where they’re spending their time

While the above tips make mention of the Instagram platform itself, what’s important is ensuring your advertising is reaching the user where they’re spending their time. This means, it may be more cost-efficient to run your ads across different platforms at the same time, so you can convert the user were they’re most likely to take action.

If you would like help running ad campaigns on Instagram, get in touch with Green Door Co today. 

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