Why Instagram Stories may be the key to unlocking more customer engagement

Why Instagram Stories may be the key to unlocking more customer engagement

We could all do with a little more customer engagement, right? Well, most of us!

While there isn’t a magic pill to increase customer engagement for everyone – we do know that video can be a great way for your potential customers to see and interact with your brand from a different perspective. This allows you to build a relationship with them which leads to more brand awareness and trust. Win win!

One of the most popular uses for video on social media is Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories was introduced in August 2016, and has become one of the most loved features on the social platform.

With a strong resemblance to Snapchat, whereby the videos or photos are usually more casual in nature and disappear after 24 hours, Instagram Stories has caught the attention of brands far and wide. Many have jumped at the chance to show an inside look into their business as they seek to interact and relate more with their followers and customers.

Brands also see it as a great way to be showing a lot more of their business without the added pressure of curating the right image to fit into their normal Instagram feed.

So, are you ready to build on the relationship between your brand and your customers? We’ve put together some of our favourite reasons why we think Instagram Stories is your brand’s engagement enhancer!

It’s free

While you can definitely advertise on Instagram for a cost, using Instagram Stories is a great, and free, way to be speaking to your audience. You could use this feature to casually advertise your products or services, but we suggest to use it to strengthen the relationship between your brand and your customer.

It’s interactive

Instagram Stories has opened up the gates for viewer interaction more than ever before. On one single Instagram Story photo or video, you can include clickable hashtags, clickable links to other profiles, your location, emojis or text overlaying your content, and our new favourite poll feature! All of these options give your audience a chance to interact further with your brand, and deepen the relationship with you.

It helps you stay top of mind

If you use Instagram Stories regularly, your audience will come to enjoy this about your brand, and expect it! This means that your brand could be the one they think of first over your competitors when they need your product or service.

Wondering where to start with your stories? We see lots of brands sharing behind the scenes videos, giving a glimpse into their creative process, offering tutorials on their products, or simply having a chat and humanising their brand. If you’d like some help coming up with a content strategy for your Instagram Stories, contact us today!

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