What does Instagram’s new video app, IGTV mean for marketers?

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What does Instagram’s new video app, IGTV mean for marketers?

Last month, Instagram celebrated hitting one billion users with the launch of IGTV, a new app offering users the ability to watch long-form video. IGTV’s aim is to give everyone the opportunity to produce long-form video content, not just influencers and big-name content producers. It will allow average social media users to become creators.

How does it work?

Like a hybrid between Instagram Stories and YouTube, IGTV is a user-generated video app. It can be accessed and managed from Instagram or through its own app. Like Instagram Stories, IGTV offers users the opportunity to watch and create vertical and full screen videos. Like YouTube, it allows users to manage their own video channels from within the app. Viewers can subscribe to different video channels and are able to like, comment and send videos to friends.

Similar to streaming sites Netflix and Stan, users can continue watching videos that they have paused in IGTV – easily picking up where they left off. The app will also display content that users might be interested in based on who they follow and the types of content they engage with. Like turning on free-to-air television, videos will start playing as soon as the app is opened and each video can be up to one hour long – four times the maximum length of a YouTube video.

So what does this mean for marketers?

While IGTV is still in its early stages, brands have an opportunity to test the app’s potential and shape its marketing capabilities. IGTV is yet to have a monetisation plan in action, meaning there is no paid advertising on the app and its functions are completely free. Like Instagram Stories back when it launched in 2016, IGTV boasts a readymade audience of millions of users (now one billion users). This is a large pool of potential customers for brands to market to. Before the platform becomes saturated with content, brands can use it as a testing ground for creating and executing videos that will engage and entertain.

In IGTV video creators will be able to put links in their video descriptions to drive traffic to an ecommerce page, social media account or blog page – unlike in Instagram Stories, where users need 10,000 followers to direct users to a specific landing page.

From news and industry updates to product workshops and testimonials, brands can create videos on IGTV to build brand awareness and drive sales. Like in the Instagram feed and Stories, brands will also be able to utilise influencers to build awareness for their brand through product demonstrations, sponsored videos or even product placement.

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