Media coverage wins: Roccbox & Owen Hodge Lawyers


Media coverage wins: Roccbox & Owen Hodge Lawyers

Here are some media coverage wins we’ve secured for our clients this month.


Roccbox is a stylish and high-tech portable pizza oven which famously cooks restaurant quality pizza in just 60 seconds in the comfort of your own home.

This great Christmas gift will be featured in a number of Christmas Gift Guides this year. Check out the Christmas issue of Better Homes & Gardens, The Australian’s Christmas Gift Guide and the upcoming Christmas Gift Guide in Good Weekend (coming up 30 November!)

Marzipan Media is the lead agency on the Gozney account in Australia. Green Door Co provides support for PR.

Owen Hodge Lawyers

We’ve been working with Owen Hodge Lawyers for over five years to build their thought leadership through strategic public relations. In that time we’ve secured them hundreds of pieces of media coverage in a variety of publications. Most recently this has included The Business Conversation, Smart Property Investment, The Real Estate Conversation and Business Woman Media.

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