4 ways to position your brand as a thought leader

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4 ways to position your brand as a thought leader

Thought leadership is an important part of business development. Thought leadership enhances both personal and brand reputation. It can build trust, open conversations and create business deals.

Thought leadership is about sharing opinions and looking to create change. A good thought leader brings passion, experience and knowledge to their opinions.

So, what can you do to turn your brand into a thought leader? Here are 4 tips.

Focus on sharing knowledge and resources, not selling products or services

Consumers shut down and ignore blatant sales pitches. With the high level of easily accessible information on the internet, consumers look for information to help them make informed decisions. As a thought leader, you can share your expertise and opinions on relevant products or services with the intention of educating your audience, not selling to them.

You can publicly answer any questions and share new innovations, typical points of frustration and tips. These will open your brand up for conversations with your consumers. This helps to create a brand community that will grow as your audience keeps coming back for more information.

This doesn’t mean you need to send your audience elsewhere to buy products or access services. You can subtly refer to the products and services your brand offers as way to problem solve.

Be visible

A brand that isn’t at the forefront of their industry, won’t be considered an expert. You can make your brand visible through a variety of methods including:

  • Sponsoring an event
  • Speaking at an event (on something relevant and topical, not a sales pitch)
  • Creating a blog
  • Posting long-form articles on LinkedIn
  • Pitching topical articles to relevant media outlets
  • Creating a podcast

These are easy ways for you and your brand to share opinions and research on particular topic areas that can position your brand at the forefront of your industry and in time, as a thought leader.  

They also give your brand significant reach, exposing your brand to audiences who may not be in your immediate target market.

Demonstrate credibility

A good way to demonstrate your credibility is to have a paper published in a journal or have an article published by a media outlet, but before this can occur it is worth asking hard questions of yourself and your brand. For example, what makes you an expert in your field? Why should others care what you have to say?

To do this, you should always use tangible examples that you can replicate and points that support your claims.

Personalise your brand

Humanising your brand and telling a story as to how you became a thought leader is a great way for your audience to relate to you and your brand and enhance your credibility. To do this, you should share any challenges you have faced along the journey of building your brand, how you solved them and what you are driven to improve or change within your industry. Always focus on the human element and the impact your brand is having on people.

If you would like assistance with shifting your brand to become a thought leader and increasing your brand visibility, Green Door Co can help. Contact us for help developing content for social media, journalists and conferences that set your brand’s position as a thought leader.

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