How the Right Sydney PR Company Can Help You Build Brand Awareness

Do people know about your brand? If they do, then what is their impression of it? These two questions form the backbone to every public relations campaign. They also affect virtually every part of your enterprise. If your company has poor or middling brand awareness, then you likely aren’t reaching prospective customers, converting leads, hitting the revenue figures you want, or growing. What can you do to change your narrative?

The answer? Hire a Sydney PR company that is will really work for your brand. At Green Door Co, we believe we are that company. As an SME-focused PR company in Sydney, we love helping businesses like yours find an audience and make an impact. When you sign up to work with us, you can trust us to take your brand awareness to the next level—if not to the level above that.

What We Do

If your search for PR companies in Sydney brings you to our door, your first question will likely be ‘What can you do for my brand?’ Specifically, how can we take your company, your products or services and your overall image and turn it into something that draws leads and converts buyers?

In the modern day and age, brand awareness is about a lot of different things. It’s about people being able to discover your brand online. It’s about staying visible to existing customers on social media platforms. It’s about turning satisfied buyers into proponents for your brand. It’s about leveraging the media to make your company more visible. It’s about creating a positive face that people want to support.

At Green Door Co, we do all the above and more. Our Sydney PR company focusses on everything from social media management to press engagement. We can interact with your followers on Facebook and Twitter to make your brand more approachable and trustworthy. We can help you apply for (and win) industry awards that are always valuable for exposure and revenue boosting. We can spearhead your online content—from your website copy to your blogs to your video—always making sure that it will encourage your target audience to engage with and absorb the information.

In short, we will do everything we can to expand your brand’s presence. The more places your brand name can be found—whether online, in newspapers, at events or in email inboxes—the more people you will have who are aware of who you are and what you do. In turn, the more individuals who know about you, the more potential customers you have.

Schedule Your First Consultation with Our Sydney PR Company

Don’t spend any more time sorting through Sydney PR companies and being disappointed at sky high prices or corporate-geared services. Instead, pick up the phone and give us a call at Green Door Co. As an SME-focused PR company in Sydney, we are the people who you can trust to broaden your brand awareness. Who knows? Scheduling a consultation with us could be your company’s first step to becoming a large corporate business. Dial 02 8040 2848 to find out.