How to reuse your blog post 6 different ways

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How to reuse your blog post 6 different ways

Recycling old blog content for new mediums is a great way to reach a different audience and build your customer base. Everyone engages with content in a different way. While some people might prefer to read blog content, others will be more receptive to visual content like images and videos. By reformatting your blog posts into visual or aural content, you can create a fresh experience and reach a new, highly engaged audience. Reusing blog posts is also a good way to save time and money on content creation. It’s like buying multiple pieces of content for the price of one!

What to reuse:

  • The best of the best content – Rehash content that is already popular among your target audience.
  • Evergreen content – Choose content that will always be relevant. Avoid reusing time-sensitive content unless it has become relevant again.
  • Content that could do with some sprucing up – Reuse blog content that needs a bit of work.


Breathe life into old blog content by recycling it into these new formats:


Video is a really powerful form of content because it has the ability to engage people and can communicate information in a succinct manner. Let’s say you would like to develop video content to reach an audience that typically engages with video. By reinventing one of your old blogs into a video, you can save the time it would take to develop an entirely new concept from scratch.

Social posts

Perhaps you have an interesting fact, statistic or statement in one of your blogs that you think would be helpful for your audience. Consider tweeting it, or sharing it across your social channels in the form of an image-based post or infographic. An infographic can work well if you have a series of stats relating to a particular subject. Posting images or infographics can be a great way to engage the visual learners within your target audience.

Public relations

While public relations (PR) is best utilised with your newsworthy content and rehashing content is best saved for evergreen content, under some circumstances PR can be really help to bring old content front and centre. Perhaps an old blog post has become particularly relevant again because of something that has happened recently in the news or in your industry. Consider reusing your blog post to develop an article or pitch for media.

Develop a workshop or online course

If you have a series of blog posts on a particular topic, you might be able to compile them into a workshop or online course. This format works well for instructional-type blog posts, showing your audience how to undergo an activity or complete a task.

Create an eBook

If you maintain and regularly update a blog, you have a repertoire of valuable content to develop an eBook. An eBook is an online version of a printed book, which can be downloaded and read. It is a valuable resource for your target audience and can be used as a lead magnet. To create an eBook from your existing content, all you have to do is select a subject, collect your relevant blog content, arrange it into topics or chapters and then design the look and feel.


A podcast may appeal to the auditory learners within your target audience. A podcast is a digital audio series. It is similar to a radio show, however it is not live – instead it can be downloaded and listened to by subscribers at any time. Through a weekly podcast, you can explore different topics relating to your brand and industry, using the content you already have available in your blog.

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