Telstra Business Women’s Awards

The most outstanding women in business aren’t just doing things like they’ve always been. They’re redefining how we do business. They’re inspiring the talent of tomorrow to follow their lead. They’re the architects of our future and the authors of innovation.

The Telstra Business Women’s Awards are committed to empowering women with opportunities to achieve even more. Because no matter whether you’re an entrepreneur, an employee, a charity worker or a volunteer, getting the recognition you’ve worked for will give you the platform to inspire success in every business you touch.

From discovering the confidence to become a voice of change, to getting exclusive access to a network of like-minded thinkers, the Telstra Business Women’s Awards not only support women to reach their potential – they provide the chance to transform business on a greater scale than ever.

What’s involved?

Once your nomination is in, you’ll be asked submit an online entry form to officially be in the running. Then, some of Australia’s leading business experts will start getting to know you. They’ll select the most outstanding finalists, and that’s when the action really happens.



  • Small Business Award (for women who own at least 25% of a business that’s earning less than $5 million)
  • Medium and Large Business Award (for women in businesses which earn over $5 million in revenue)
  • Public Sector and Academia Award (for women in government departments and educational institutions)
  • For Purpose and Social Enterprise Award (for women in not-for-profit and social ventures)
  • Emerging Leader Award (for women 30 years old or under)



Nominations usually open in September.

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