How to set up your first Facebook ad

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How to set up your first Facebook ad

Advertising on Facebook can be a cost effective way to increase brand awareness, build leads, boost engagement and drive conversions, depending on what your specific goals are. To get started with your first Facebook ad, all you’ll need is a Facebook Business Manager account and the right strategy in place.


Your objective


The first and most important step of running your ad campaign is setting your objective. Would you like to build leads? Drive product sales? Boost brand awareness? Whatever your objective is, Facebook will provide a relevant ad type for you to choose from.




The more targeted your audience is, the better. It’s important to have a deep understand of who your customers are in order to target the right people through your advertising. Facebook allows advertisers to target based on demographics like gender, age and location, as well as interests and online behaviours. You can also create an audience similar to an existing one. Let’s say you would like to run an ad to encourage more people to sign up to your email database. You can target a similar audience by uploading your subscriber list and developing a new Lookalike audience in Facebook. This means that ads will be delivered to users with similar characteristics to your existing subscribers which means they are more likely to be interested in your offering, improving your chances of conversion.




Your creative is the actual ad that will get served to your audience. This is a vital piece of your campaign that will grab the attention of your audience and prompt them to act. The use of bright colours and engaging visuals is a great way to catch the gaze of your viewers. When uploading your ad on Facebook, you’ll be prompted to develop a headline and ad copy. Use both your headline and ad copy to express as much information as possible to get your audience to watch or click. Make it punchy, and if you’d like to drive your audience to perform a particular action, use active verbs that will grab their attention. Use images or video which are captivating and engaging for your audience.




In order to get the best return on investment for your Facebook ad campaign, you’ll want to aim for the lowest cost per conversion. By making your ad relevant, targeting effectively and executing creative that is eye catching, you can maximise the results of your ad and minimise your ad costs. When it comes to your budget, start small and learn as you go.


The pixel


If your campaign’s objective is to drive traffic to your website or drive sales through your website, the Facebook pixel is really important. The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that sits on relevant pages of your website and helps you to monitor the behaviours and actions of your website users. You can track when a purchase has been made or when someone has signed up to your database. The data collected from your pixel can help you to optimise your facebook advertising campaign so that you can drive more results and reduce your ad costs.


Setting up your ad


1.  Go to Facebook Ads Manager
Ads Manager is the section of Business Manager that allows you to run Facebooks ads.


screenshot of facebook ads manager


2. Create your campaign


screenshot of campaigns tab in facebook ads manager


3. Select your objective


facebook ad objectives


4. Create your adset
This step includes naming your ad set, selecting your audience, setting your campaign timeframe and choosing your budget.


facebook adset


5. Select your ad format


facebook ad formats


6. Upload your creative and write your ad copy


facebook ad creative


7. Publish


publishing a facebook ad


Remember, publishing your first ad campaign is just the beginning. By using the data from previous campaigns, you can work to improve and optimise future campaigns and therefore get the most out of your advertising budget.


If you would like help developing a Facebook ad strategy that will drive results for your business, get in touch with a consultant at Green Door Co today.

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