What tone of voice should my business use online?

What tone of voice should my business use online?

The tone of voice you use online will become one of the biggest identifiers of who you are as a brand. Because of this, your tone of voice can have a big influence on whether or not people engage with you.

As a general rule, you’ll want to use a tone of voice that will cut through to your target audience. Remember, people aren’t interested in listening monotonous machine-like voices. They want to see and listen to the human behind your brand.

So how can your brand select the right tone of voice for your online communications?

Know your target audience

To successfully execute your online communications, knowing exactly who your audience is is a must. So who is your audience? What makes them tick? Whether your tone is humorous, colloquial or more formal, it all comes down to who you are speaking to. This is why all communications, as well as your tone of voice should be tailored specifically to your audience demographic and what your customers want from your brand.

Be adventurous

This point mainly applies to brands which are just starting out with online communications and haven’t solidified a voice yet. The best way to find your voice is to play around with different tones and see what works best for your specific audience. Remember, what works for some brands might not work for you.

Be authentic

If the explosion of memes in recent years is anything to go by, people like to engage with content that is relatable. Find ways to relate to your audience on a personal level and run with it. To cut through to your audience it’s important to be genuine and to stay true to your brand. In fact, a study conducted by Sprout Social found that the most important behaviour consumers want from brands is honesty.

What consumers want study from Sprout Social

Image: https://sproutsocial.com/insights/brand-voice

To show honesty to your customers, be ‘real’ and forthright in your communications.

Humanise your brand

What would your brand sound like if it was a person? Now use that voice to communicate with your customers. It’s important to have a personality online because it is going to be what makes people remember you. Your online voice and personality should be an extension of who you are as a brand.

Speak to, not at your audience

One of the best things about online channels like social media is that they provide a direct channel between you and your audience. Unlike executing a billboard advertisement, online communications allow customers to respond to brands in real time. This two-way channel of communication means that you can have real conversations with your customers.

Be consistent

Now that you have settled on a tone of voice for your business, it can and will become one of the most important identifiers of your brand. Because of this, it’s important to stick to it and be consistent with the way you speak to your audience.

If you would like help establishing your tone of voice and executing your online communications, the team at Green Door Co can help. Contact us today.

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