What’s trending in marketing and PR in 2019?

What’s trending in marketing and PR in 2019?

Your content marketing, social media strategies and PR campaigns were most likely planned in 2018. But will they still be relevant in 2019? Will they get you the most traction this year?

We sought the top marketing and PR trends for 2019, so you can confirm your strategies will make their mark.

Social media marketing

  1. Rebuild trust

This year, businesses will need to rebuild the trust of social media users. After several scandals like Cambridge Analytica, consumer trust in social media and online use of data is at an all time low. To develop and keep customer trust, make sure you communicate often, address any problems proactively, and be as transparent as possible.

Hosting Q&As via Facebook Live is a great way to give you brand a human feel and make you more accessible. You can dispel any myths about your brand and connect directly with your customers, addressing commonly asked questions in real time. Facebook Live is easy to manage and budget friendly. Try not to script it beforehand; the aim is to be authentic, engaging and natural.

  1. Tell stories

Social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat allow users to share stories – short videos or still images that are live for 24 hours. Stories are set to become more popular than traditional feeds by mid 2019.

Stories are visual and meant to be created and consumed on the go with a smartphone. They feel real, immediate, and personal. Plus, their short-term nature means users can share more content, about anything, anywhere.

For brands, this social media trend requires a major shift in focus in 2019. Brands must embrace personalisation and stories can assist that.

Content marketing

  1. Long-Form Content

Long-form content will be even more important this year. This is because search engines reward lengthier posts, and readers are increasingly looking for more trustworthy sources. As a general tip, long form content should be over 2000 words.

A recent analysis by BuzzSumo revealed that long-form content tends to get more social shares than short-form content.

The aim of long-form content is to provide thoughtful information that can be used as a learning resource.

  1. Webinars and live video

Video is the go-to platform for businesses in 2019. A 2017 report by Animoto, found that 64% of consumers follow through on a purchase after watching a branded video on Facebook. By 2021, video is predicted to attract 82% of global internet traffic.

Videos are a must to add to your content strategy in 2019. To get the most out of video this year, you must be mobile friendly, and you need to be engaging and unique. It also helps to set a regular video-posting schedule so your customers know when to expect your content, to achieve maximum engagement.


  1. Real time marketing

Reporting and real time content sharing can cause challenges for unprepared PR professionals. The best way to combat this is to leverage positive, important events and relevant social media to boost your business. Being equipped for any situation means the immediacy of media and marketing in the modern day is more manageable. This means you can respond confidently to the negative and positive feedback you receive.

  1. Thought leadership

A rising trend throughout public relations, is the importance of promoting thought leadership. Similar to long-form content, this involves business executives publishing blogs, articles, and their opinions through various media outlets and online portals. Publishing blogs via reputable sources like LinkedIn will help increase credibility of your brand and business.

Ultimately, the trends for 2019 come down to understanding your audience, crafting targeted messages, and creating engaging content. Contact Green Door Co today for assistance with your marketing and PR content for the year ahead. Our PR services are tailored and integrated with your business objectives at the core.

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