How to turn your smartphone into your PA

How to turn your smartphone into your PA

The digital landscape has made streamlining business tasks easier than ever before. Small, tedious tasks are being automated, allowing businesses to concentrate on higher level operations. Today, automation is everywhere. It’s almost impossible to go an entire day without coming in contact with it in one way or another.

So, how can SMEs embrace automation and keep operations running without having to hire a full-time PA?

Here are a few options for simplifying tasks with the use of your smartphone.

Keep your invoices and accounting under control

Invoicing and accounting apps can make bookkeeping quick and easy. Apps like Wave, Quickbooks and Xero allow you to easily invoice clients and manage your finances directly from your smartphone. Many manual tasks that are traditionally involved with bookkeeping are automated through these apps. There is no need for filing, and you can set up automatic invoicing for regular clients.

Allow chatbots to respond to simple customer queries

Providing customer service is time consuming, especially when you don’t have staff dedicated to it. It’s important to be available to respond to customers when they have a query, but if you have a busy schedule, this isn’t always possible. A chatbot can eliminate the need for you to constantly be on call for your customers, and it can be managed all from within your smartphone.

A chatbot is a program that mimics human conversation online. It’s usually set up on a website to answer simple queries involving basic company information and product information. In addition to your website, a chatbot can be set up on Facebook Messenger to assist members of your social media audience.

If you don’t have time to answer your customers queries, or if a lot of your customers are active overseas, during a different time zone, a chatbot could be a useful tool for your business.

Be reminded about your meetings and events

Instead of having to constantly check your calendar to see what’s on for the upcoming day and week, you can let your smartphone do all the hard the work. Let your smartphone alert you prior to important events and meetings by setting up reminders in your calendar.

Attend meetings when you’re on the go

When you’re busy and moving around a lot, it can be tricky to juggle a heavy workload and regular meetings. Apps like Skype and Google Hangouts allow you to attend video meetings anytime, from anywhere using just your phone. You can also share documents and photos, making the apps great for centralising files for team meetings.

Dictate your emails

Do one task with your hands, while shooting off an email with your voice. Pretty handy, right? If you send a lot of emails and you don’t have the time to sit down and type them out, then dictating can save a lot of time. Most smartphones either offer the option to install voice recognition or they have it built-in. For instance the iPhone boasts the famous ‘Siri’ and Samsung has ‘S Voice’. This functionality can be particularly useful for the avid multi-tasker. If you don’t have a voice recognition app built into your phone, chances are you can download one from the app store.

Automating your administrative tasks can save you time and money to invest in more important things – like business strategy, marketing and sales. Need help with your marketing program? Speak to a consultant at Green Door Co today.


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