How to use Instagram Stories for your business

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How to use Instagram Stories for your business

Perhaps you have an Instagram profile for your business. You might post photos of your products, videos from the office or photos from team outings every once in a while. You might even advertise on the platform. But have you utilised Instagram Stories to the best of its ability?

Since it was launched in 2016, Instagram Stories has really taken off. It now has 300 million daily users, but is still relatively new and unexplored by brands. Because of this, it is a low competition market that brands can leverage to gain great returns.

Here are a few ways that brands can tap into the platform to reach new audiences and better connect with their existing ones.

Humanise your brand

Instagram Stories are fleeting in nature. They are short snappy videos or images that are displayed at the top of the Instagram feed for 24 hours only, before they disappear off the interface forever. Their fleeting nature gives them a feeling of exclusivity for viewers. They provide a snapshot into the day’s events  taken from one particular moment. Because of this, Instagram Stories is a great platform to show the human side of your brand. By being playful and humanising your business through ad hoc videos and images, you can help start building a relationship of trust between your brand and target audience. Whether it’s a series of office walk-throughs, introducing a new staff member, showing your product being made behind the scenes or even your product in action, these short moments can help you to connect with your customers effectively.

Announce company updates

Instagram Stories is the perfect platform to accompany a new product announcement, a new service offering or other important company updates. Because of the short and snappy nature of Instagram Stories, it’s a great way to grab the attention of your users just long enough to prompt them to perform an action. The ‘swipe up’ function in Instagram Stories allows you to include a link in your videos so that your audience can swipe up and be directed to a new page to gather more information on your announcement.

Sell your product

Instagram has proven to be a successful platform for selling products. It allows brands to show their product to a highly engaged audience. In fact, 65% of high-performing Instagram posts from brands feature products. In order to sell products through the Instagram news feed, brands must pay to include a ‘shop now’ button underneath their image or video. Instagram Stories on the other hand offers the swipe up function for free. The swipe up tool gives you the opportunity to show your product in action and direct customers to your product page with one swift swipe of their thumb.

Leverage low cost advertising

Unlike the Instagram news feed, Instagram Stories is still largely unexplored by advertisers. This means that ad competition is fairly limited on the platform. Low competition means that brands can purchase ad space at a low cost. Advertising through Instagram Stories can help push your content beyond your existing Instagram audience so that you can gain new leads, sell your products or service, and build brand awareness.

Be discovered by more customers

By posting Instagram Stories on a regular basis, you can push your brand and offering out to a large pool of prospective customers. The ‘Search & Explore’ function in Instagram shows a feed of stories from users outside your immediate community. By publishing Instagram Stories, your content can be pushed onto this feed and displayed to people who are likely to engage with it.

If you would like to know more about how you can incorporate Instagram Stories into your social media marketing strategy, speak to an expert at Green Door Co today.

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