What is guest blogging?

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What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging involves creating blog content for websites other than your own – for instance online publications and niche blog sites relating to your expertise and industry. Driving traffic to a website that is not your own might seem like a strange idea at first, but it is a great way for your brand to build recognition and authority.

How does it work?

Guest blogging has a lot of advantages for businesses that are trying to build their thought leadership, reach a wider audience and build more leads. It is also a useful tool for your own SEO. Here’s how it could work for your brand:

Build trust amongst your target audience


By posting your blog posts on reputable websites, you can build an element of trust with new and existing customers. When your blog content is viewed by your target audience on a site that they already know and trust, it’s an immediate win for your brand. Your brand will be seen as credible and reputable amongst people who are important to your business.

Build backlinks to your website


Guest blogging is great because it allows you to attract relevant audiences who engage with other related websites, driving that traffic back to your website through links. If done right, these backlinks can help boost your page ranking in Google and other search engines – helping with your SEO. Make sure to choose only the most credible websites to partner with when guest blogging. Google and other search engines place value on backlinks from reputable, informative and resourceful sources.

Reach a new untapped audience


Posting to your own website and social channels often means you’re presenting content to the same people over and over again. Guest blogging allows you to reach new people that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach through regular blog and social media posting.

Build thought leadership


Guest blogging can help position you and your business as a thought leader in your industry. It will build recognition for your brand amongst people who are valuable to you and will give you authority in your field. The more places that your target audience sees your brand and interact with it, the more recognisable you will be as a trusted and credible brand.

Generate leads


Last but not least, your guest blogging can work as an active lead generator. By posting to websites that potential customers are already visiting, you can help them find you through your website link and brand name. Lead building works especially well if you post to websites that already perform well in search engine rankings. The higher the ranking, the more likely people are to find your brand.

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