Do you need video marketing solutions for your business? Video offers the opportunity for you to capture the attention of users long enough to prompt them to act. It can help you engage effectively and efficiently with your target audience so that you can grow your customer base and take your business to the next level.

At Green Door Co, we provide and produce quality customised video marketing solutions for our clients with an aim to boost customer engagement. Our video marketing approach is tailor made to each of our clients and is developed collaboratively with our clients’ industry and intentions in mind.


Video marketing can help you:


★  Communicate effectively with your customers and potential customers

★  Broadcast important information about your brand or products

★  Build a relationship of trust with your target audience

★  Increase brand awareness

★  Drive sales


Getting started with video?


Video is a valuable medium that can drive results across many of your online channels including social, your website, online advertisements, as well as your offline channels like presentations and workshops.

We can help you formulate a video strategy depending on your specific needs and brand objectives.


We can help you drive results through:


  • Brand videos
  • Videos for social media ads
  • Video testimonials
  • Live streams
  • An online video series
  • Video interviews
  • Product videos


Our video services include but are not limited to formulating concepts and scripts, creating storyboards, video production, developing a video distribution strategy, video distribution, and organic and paid video ad campaigns for social media.

Our team can work on a project basis for events, workshops, seminars and conferences. We have the ability to work on the ground at events or work with teams remotely to curate and deliver content.

We have an expert and collaborative approach to our work, working closely with teams to execute prolific brand videos ranging from short form videos for social media to longer form videos for website and Youtube channels. We provide Youtube channel management services and can deliver fresh video content regularly to help build an engaged video audience.

Want to develop a video marketing strategy that actually works?

We can take the stress out of your video marketing. If you are interested in formulating a video marketing strategy for your business, contact us today for a quote.