Do you need clever marketing to amplify your brand and get ahead of the competition? Smart and targeted marketing can help elevate your business to the next level. Marketing builds brand awareness among the people who matter the most. It generates valuable leads for your business and ultimately drives more sales. The Green Door Co team is made up of marketing experts with a keen eye on getting results for our clients.


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 SME marketing by SME specialists


As a small to medium size enterprise (SME) specialist, Green Door Co understands the challenges that SMEs face in connecting with new customers and strengthening customer loyalty. The current landscape is very crowded. Your customers are constantly being bombarded with marketing messages all day, everyday. In order to cut through the noise, SMEs must elevate above the competition and form a connection between their brand and target audience.


This is where Green Door Co can help. We unlock affordable marketing services for SMEs which get results.


We develop clever marketing campaigns and strategies, leveraging a wide range of channels both online and offline. Using the following avenues, we reach your customers where they are, at the right time.


Social media

We manage your social channels to create conversations with your audiences.



We develop captivating content designed specifically to build awareness of your business and generate sales.



We help you communicate directly with customers, while boosting engagement and driving sales.



We maintain a results driven approach to display advertising, social advertising, pay per click and paid content amplification.



We provide and produce quality customised video marketing solutions for our clients to boost customer engagement.



We create, design and distribute marketing collateral that speaks directly to your target audience.


We target the right people so that you can build your presence amongst potential customers and increase your conversions.


We can provide a tailored marketing solution involving any one of the following: strategy, development, execution and reporting, and we can also provide an end-to-end approach including all four components.


  • woman hands on laptop workingStrategise – We learn who your customers are and what their behaviours are so that we can connect with them effectively.


  • Create – We develop clever marketing campaigns that help attract more leads to your business, build your reputation, drive more sales and keep customers coming back. We develop marketing plans that get you a return on your investment.


  • Execute – Implementation requires the know-how to connect targeted audiences with your brand. We can manage and execute your marketing plan end-to-end.


  • Analyse – Detailed reporting offers your brand the opportunity to understand important details about your target audience and conversions.



Our team have expertise in all marketing disciplines, ensuring your marketing plan is integrated.


Contact us today to discuss developing a comprehensive marketing program for your business.


Green Door Co offers a range of marketing services, as outlined below. Click through to find out more.


Marketing Strategy

Brand Strategy & Identity
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