Research has shown that 82% of senior business people are influenced to buy products or services when they come across a business or person with a relevant industry-award win. 76% also believe “awards are important for generating business or improving the value of the brand.”

As such, it’s clear that being recognised through an industry award is an excellent way to build awareness of your business as a leading expert in your field. Awards reinforce the credibility of your business and showcase your work.

An award win can help attract new clients but it can be time consuming to compile all your experience and ensure you tick all the boxes of the application. That’s where we, at Green Door Co, can help!

Trusted by companies across a range of industries, Green Door Co specialises in writing award applications that win. More than eight out of 10 Green Door Co clients are shortlisted for awards with over seven out of 10 going onto to win.

Remember that most people won’t know how great your business is until you tell them. Applying for an award is a great way to distill all the exciting, important parts of your business and share key milestones that you have reached along your journey.

Every industry has a wide variety of awards covering a huge range of categories, meaning there is plenty of opportunities to find an area that you and your business excel in. Check out our list of upcoming awards

When looking to apply for awards, think about who you want to attract to your business. If you are looking to attract new staff and grow your business then applying for awards like “best place to work” is a good idea.

Alternatively, if you are looking for industry recognition, you might want to look into leadership or innovation type awards that give your business a profile above and beyond what is expected for your industry.

Through applying our knowledge of how to write a winning award application, Green Door Co can help your business get noticed.

We can:

  • Identify relevant industry awards that fit your goals
  • Apply for awards on your behalf using clear and compelling language with tangible examples
  • Leverage award wins through effective PR & Communications activities, such as engaging media outlets and your social media channels to promote your win

It’s important to plan ahead if you intend to apply to win an award. Many require clear examples of what you’ve achieved, and have strict deadlines.

If you want to be recognised with an industry award, contact us to find out more about how Green Door Co can help.