Social Media Strategy

Getting the most out of social media starts with a great strategy.


Green Door Co has extensive experience in developing effective social media strategies which create focus, measure results and return on investment, and ensure that social media efforts are effective.


We will develop a tailored and integrated social strategy directly connected with your business objectives that gets results.


Our strategies cover a combination of objectives, target audiences, KPIs and tactics.


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Through our tailored approach, we can help your brand:


  • Build engagement
  • Strengthen your brand reputation
  • Communicate more effectively with your customers
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Gain valuable leads
  • Drive direct sales
  • Gain a better understanding of customer behaviours
  • Improve your SEO




Discover more about your target audience


Social learning offers your brand the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the online behaviours of your target audience.


Be in the right place at the right time


Through social media, you can reach your target audiences wherever they are online.


Create a two-way dialogue between you and your customers


Learn more about your customers’ wants and needs so that you can improve customer satisfaction and drive more sales.


If you would also like help putting your social media strategy into action, we provide solutions in:



Social media management

We find out what makes your audience tick, then we plan, create and execute your social content and messaging across your platforms.


Social media content

We create content with one goal in mind - to build a robust, thriving online presence for your brand.


Social media training

We offer tailored training packages for clients who would like to learn more about using social media for business.






We provide services in organic social media strategy to help build audience engagement, boost your reach and brand awareness and build leads. We can develop a strategy for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and Snapchat.




We offer paid advertising solutions for your social channels with an aim to gain leads, build brand awareness and drive direct sales of your product or service.


We also offer an integrated approach, involving a combined organic and paid strategy for optimum results.



We recommend an initial workshop to gather your requirements, which will then be incorporated into your strategy. Contact us to find out more about creating a comprehensive social media strategy.