How to get more followers on Twitter

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How to get more followers on Twitter

With 316 million monthly active users, Twitter packs a powerful punch. What started as a simple microblogging platform has grown into one of the top major social media players.

So how can you put your best foot forward on Twitter and get more followers in the process?

Here are our tips:

Hashtag like you mean it

Using relevant hashtags will mean that people who don’t yet follow you can easily find you. While you don’t want to go too crazy, every tweet should have at least one relevant hashtag. Research common hashtags and leverage them. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. What are they looking for?

Share relevant and useful articles

Twitter is a great space to share your own content and also other great articles, pictures, infographics and links that may be of relevance and interest to your readers.

The more enticing your content, the more your current followers will want to retweet and share it with their followers.

Consider how your tweets are benefiting your readers; if your posts are inspiring, entertaining, educational or helpful, they are more likely to be shared which means more eyes on your content and brand.

Leverage visuals

Sharing photos, graphics and other visuals has become a no-brainer on all social media platforms as they draw attention and are more engaging.

Have conversations

Connect with industry peers, readers and potential customers by starting and joining conversations. You can have conversations with many people using a hashtag to stay connected or just directly message someone either by mentioning their handle or sending a private message.

Tweet frequently

There really isn’t a limit on how often you should tweet, but as a general rule if you want a strong presence on Twitter and are trying to increase your followers, you need to tweet at least once a day. Some businesses tweet up to 30 times a day! Because the platform is so fast moving, often you can repurpose content and tweets to use again.

Favourite and retweet appropriate content

When you retweet or favourite someone’s tweet, this will draw their attention to you and can also motivate them to follow you.

Respond and connect with your followers

If someone mentions you in a tweet, it’s important to respond. This will show that you are responsive and goes a long way to humanising your brand and building trust.

Follow relevant and influential people, and organisations

We recommend identifying the Twitter handles you’d like to follow you and proactively follow them. Many people on Twitter will return the follow. It can also help to favourite a few of their tweets and grab their attention.

Stay active and be consistent

As with most social media platforms, consistency is key. Your audience needs to know what they can expect from you, and how often. Make sure you pop onto Twitter daily to follow users, respond to messages and favourite and retweet relevant content.


Reach out to other organisations and feature them on your blog or social channels. This gives both of you content to share and may send some of their followers your way too.

Make sure you have a follow button on your website

Let your website visitors know that you have a Twitter handle by making it easy for them to locate and use your follow button.

Display your handle

Don’t assume people know where to find you. Include your Twitter handle in your email signature, store signage, business cards or other social channels.

How have you gained more followers on Twitter? Get in touch with us today for more information.

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