How to use Pinterest for your business

Pinterest for business

How to use Pinterest for your business

Different social media platforms offer different experiences and potential for reaching your target market. As a business owner it’s important to choose wisely and invest your time in the platforms that will best support your marketing strategy.

Pinterest is a highly visual social media platform, and home to over 175 million users worldwide. If you’re a consumer business and your products or services are visually appealing, such as fashion, photography, technology or decor, Pinterest is a great option. It connects people to things they find interesting as well as people or brands they want to follow.

Here are our tips on using Pinterest for your business:

Make sure you set up a Pinterest Business Account

This is slightly different to a personal account and gives you the tools you need to benefit your business on Pinterest.

Create eye catching images

Consider what your ideal customer or follower would want to see from you. How can you get their attention? What would they want to pin from you onto their own boards? Create images with your products, events, your team or you can make graphic and quote images easily using software such as Canva.

Set up boards

Create an array of different boards that showcase your interests, behind the scenes content, tips and tricks, events, blog, goals, and anything you think your ideal customer would find interesting. This is also where you can pin your own products or services, usually in specific boards to give your content structure.

Don’t skimp on the amount of boards you create, as each board is usually dedicated to one topic. Start pinning from all over Pinterest into your own boards, aiming to have at least 10 pins in each board to start with. Make sure you keep them up to date and that the descriptions have enough information – sometimes a picture on it’s own isn’t enough. Have a few boards that are non-business related to show some personality.

Engage with your followers

Like any social media platform, you can’t just ‘set and forget’ on Pinterest. Make sure you are consistently engaging with your followers, commenting back or pinning an image of theirs. Pinning new images often will keep your followers interested and build their trust in you.

Promote your Pins

Pinterest offers Promoted Pins, or advertising, to business accounts. This can lead to more people seeing and re-pinning your pins, and has the potential for sales or attention on your business. Use Pinterest for a few months before paying for advertising to get a feel for what you might need.

Be authentic

There’s more than enough fakeness on social media, and ultimately it doesn’t do anyone any favours, to stick to being authentic and true to your brand. Don’t re-pin something just for the sake of it, or create images you think people want, if they aren’t on brand for your business. You’ll end up confusing your followers and wasting your time. Authenticity always wins.

Play around with Pinterest and have some fun, it’s super addicting so be careful! But you’ll find your feet in no time and you’ll get to know what your followers respond well to.

If you’d like us to kickstart your Pinterest strategy, contact us today.

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