10 ways to market your business for free

10 ways to market your business for free

Now is not the time to stop marketing – but it is the time to get creative and resourceful. How can you spend as little as possible, maximise your ROI and prepare your business for the recovery?

Here are 10 ways you can market your business for FREE which will make a big impact now and in the future.

1. Ask for reviews and testimonials

Now is an excellent time to have your satisfied customers write reviews or testimonials for you. At Green Door Co we’ve done a pretty poor job of asking our happy customers to review us – and now is the time to change that. If you’ve had a great experience with us, we’d love you to share it. It will make an enormous difference in helping us attract new clients in these challenging times. Please share a review on Google or Facebook. (See how easy that was, now its your turn to ask your customers!)

2. Write articles 

Now is a great time to write articles which add value to your target audience. At the moment with everyone stuck at home and online more than ever, you have a captive audience eager for content. Post articles on your blog or pitch them to media. The more articles you write and share, the more potential customers will turn to you as a thought leader.

3. Film videos 

Video content is getting a huge amount of traction at the moment. Now is a great opportunity to film and share some simple videos. Even filming on your SmartPhone is totally fine. As long as the sound is good, viewers don’t expect high production value or complicated editing (think about the widely popular videos that people are sharing on TikTok). Just make sure your videos are interesting, short and add value.

4. Post on social 

With your customers online more than ever, being active on social media is extremely important. Make sure you’re engaging in a two-way conversation with your customers. What do they care most about at the moment? What questions might they have that you can answer?

5. Send newsletters 

A great way to stay in touch with your customers is through newsletters or emails. Use these as an opportunity to share valuable content or drive sales through campaigns or promotions.

6. Create case studies 

If you’ve been putting off writing up some case studies for your customer success stories, now may be your chance. Potential customers love hearing about the experiences other customers had with you, so having case studies on your website and in sales material is so important.

7. Refresh your website 

Think back to the last time you updated the text, structure, images or design of your website. If it was several years ago, you’re not alone. Many of us accidently fall into a “set and forget” approach which can very quickly snowball into a website which is very out-of-date. Make sure you’ve reviewed your website to ensure every page is current and updated. If the site needs a new look and feel you may want to consider creating a new design.

8. Pitch ideas to journalists

COVID-19 need not be a barrier to connecting with your customers and building your reputation through PR. If you have relationships with journalists, pitch them story ideas and offer yourself up for an interview. You can also write and pitch articles to media outlets which accept article contributions.

Find out more about our clients who are cutting through with their customers during a pandemic through PR by sharing advice on how to navigate the COVID-19 environment in media.

9. Review your target market and competitors

While COVID-19 has created a lot of uncertainty, one thing that is certain is that there will be significant changes to how customers interact with your business. Now is a good time to review how your target market and competitors may be changing in the COVID-19 market and adapt your strategy accordingly.

10. Enter awards

Now is actually a great time to enter awards. Most awards programs which are open now won’t announce the winners until late in the year. We may see the economy come out of hibernation by then, so winning an award at that stage would put your business in a strong position for the recovery. On top of that, any chance to celebrate your team who are likely working doubly as hard throughout this crisis is a great opportunity. There will also be less applicants applying for the awards you’re interested in, which gives you a better chance of winning. Find out which awards are now open.

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