turquoise typewriter on rustic desk in-between plant and notebook

How to reuse your blog post 6 different ways

Recycling old blog content for new mediums is a great way to reach a different audience and build your customer base. Everyone engages with content in a different way. While some people might prefer to read blog content, others will be more receptive to visual...

Hand holding phone displaying Instagram's IGTV app

What does Instagram’s new video app, IGTV mean for marketers?

Last month, Instagram celebrated hitting one billion users with the launch of IGTV, a new app offering users the ability to watch long-form video. IGTV’s aim is to give everyone the opportunity to produce long-form video content, not just influencers and big-name content producers. It...

Media hook for newspaper headline

What counts as a media hook?

Does your brand have exciting news that you would like to share with the world? Perhaps you are launching a new product range, you might be running your very first event, or maybe your brand is opening a store in a new location. How can...