Is my business ready to enter an award?

If your business is kicking goals, experiencing growth, creating happy customers, engaging your people, giving back to the community or demonstrating innovation you may well be ready to win an award!

In our experience, most businesses tend to underestimate how impressive their achievements are, rather than the other way around.

Part of our value-add is to recommend which awards would be suitable to enter now and which might be better to enter down the track. We even advise you on potential areas to work on to improve your suitability for an award. We’ll never suggest you enter an award we don’t think you have a chance of winning.

Why should I outsource the awards process?

The awards process is incredibly time consuming and onerous. Sourcing suitable awards, writing lengthy awards submissions and keeping track of various deadlines can all be quite stressful and most businesses just don’t have the resources or time to do it.

You really need your most experienced people behind the awards process, but they are also the most time poor. When awards are relegated to someone more junior, you may not get the desired outcome.

When you outsource the process to us, that burden is lifted from your shoulders. You get the peace of mind that awards are being taken care of by an expert, without having to give up your precious time.

Can you guarantee my business will be a finalist or win an award?
While we can’t guarantee you’ll be a finalist or winner in an award, we’re very confident in our ability to get you recognised. 97.5% of our clients have been a finalist at least once. 8 out of 10 of the award submissions we write are shortlisted and over half of those go on to win.
How much does the service cost?

We have several packages available to suit any budget – from having us handle the entire awards process for you end-to-end over 12 months, through to giving you the tools to enter awards yourself. 

Our 12-month packages are on a retainer basis, with DIY support priced on a project basis. 

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Should I enter the same award each year?

Have you ever seen on a company’s website or in their sales materials that they won awards several years ago, but haven’t won an award since? It doesn’t leave the best impression and begs the question – has something happened since that time that has made the company less successful?

While you may not need to enter the exact same awards every year (that will depend on the award and the likelihood of a repeat win), achieving some awards recognition each year is a great strategy to showcase consistent excellence over time. 

How do you keep our information private?

Our team signs NDAs to ensure that all commercially sensitive information about clients is kept confidential. All awards documentation, including any documentation you provide to us, is kept secure and is only accessible by those in our team who are granted permission.

Does awards writing involve ‘spin’?

Our job is to tell your story truthfully and authentically in a captivating way. We are always honest and if we think something doesn’t stack up we will question it. We pride ourselves on being able to turn something that on the surface may not seem that interesting into something truly compelling. Not through ‘spin’, but through seeing the bigger picture and telling the story.

Why do some awards programs charge entry fees?

Most awards programs are monetised in some way. Sometimes that’s through entry fees, sometimes it’s through selling tickets to awards dinners and events, other times it’s through sponsorships. This doesn’t usually impact the integrity of the awards program. Just because you pay a high entry fee doesn’t mean you will have a better chance of winning or being recognised as a finalist.