3 digital marketing myths busted

3 digital marketing myths busted

Not getting results from your digital marketing campaigns? More often than not we find that businesses trip up when they make assumptions about digital marketing which ultimately prove to be untrue.

So, we thought we’d better quell the chatter and set the record straight!

Here are some of the digital marketing myths we hear the most – and how we bust them:

You can ‘set and forget’ your digital marketing campaigns

Digital marketing isn’t just about putting a post up on Facebook, a Tweet on Twitter, an ad on Adwords or a blog post on your blog and then simply hoping they do well. A good digital marketing campaign involves setting a strategy, testing it, and maintaining and tweaking your campaign. These efforts all work together to create a seamless and consistent campaign. If you simply ‘set and forget’, then you’re not actively involved in your own campaign, and it will show through a much poorer result. The key is to continually optimise your campaign in line with what is driving conversions and results.

Digital marketing only works for some businesses

Can you believe there are a few companies still out there that believe that they don’t need to be online? Whether they’re a small brick and mortar store that gets good foot traffic, or a high powered corporate B2B firm announcing that digital marketing doesn’t work for them, we’ve seen it all. The truth is, every business should, at the very least, have an online presence. This doesn’t mean you need to be on every social media channel or investing heavily in online ads. At a minimum it means that you need to be able to be found online, and you need to give your audience a way to contact you or find out more about you. It’s also important to remember that online can be a great channel for driving and nurturing leads – even for businesses which have traditionally relied on other channels. Every business needs to assess the digital opportunity before buying into the assumption that digital won’t work for their business.

If you don’t see results quickly then it’s not working

Like traditional marketing, digital marketing takes time to cut through with your potential customers or clients. There’s no get rich quick scheme when it comes to digital marketing. There’s an unwritten rule that a new customer or client needs to see or interact with your brand up to seven times before they choose to do business with you. Seven! That could take months, depending on your business and marketing strategy. Yes, some customers or clients will be so smitten with you that they buy or sign up straight away, but for many others they will need to build that level of trust with you. This takes time and requires an integrated approach incorporating various digital channels.

Want to get started on your digital marketing strategy? Let us know what you need help with and we’d love to get you on the right track!

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