4 tips to improve your email marketing

4 tips to improve your email marketing

One of the most effective advertising mediums, email marketing – or electronic direct marketing (eDM) – is a must for your marketing mix. It is inexpensive, provides true insights into your database, promotes customer loyalty and generates revenue. What more could you want?

With tonnes of brands jumping on the eDM bandwagon, it’s more important now than ever to ensure your emails are the best they can be, every time.

Here are some tips to create a lasting, meaningful relationship with your customers through email marketing.

    1. Personalise your emailsIt’s quite simple. People love seeing their name on things. They like knowing that you’ve bothered to learn their name, spelt it right, and used it correctly. But personalisation goes beyond simply using someone’s name; it’s about learning about them as an individual, their interests and most importantly, what they want from you as a brand. Being able to make your customers feel like they aren’t 1 in 1000 is the key to winning their engagement and ultimately, their dollars.
    2. Clean your databaseIt’s the four letter swear word of the eDM world: SPAM. The worst part about spam is its ability to affect your credibility rating with your email provider. If you’re seen to be sending emails to people without their consent, receiving high hard bounce rates or high unsubscribe rates, you’ll be put in the spam naughty corner. In addition to this, you really don’t want to be sending emails to people who don’t open them regularly – this will only skew your overall results. If your emails aren’t getting opened, they aren’t being seen, which makes it difficult to draw meaningful conclusions about your content.
    3. TestUnderstand what makes people click. This is the best way to truly know what your customers care about. Analysing the times of day, days of week, and types of content that work for your database will encourage you to make decisions based on these findings. A/B testing – where you send two versions of the same email to judge which is more successful – should be approached with an open attitude; be willing to try new things, especially things you’re unsure about. This is when you can verify facts over assumptions, and amend your content to reflect these learnings.
    4. Use a responsive layoutGlobally, more people are now using mobile devices over other devices to search online , which means all content needs to be responsive and mobile friendly. It will only be a matter of time before we see similar stats in Australia. Make it easy for your customers to read, engage with and enjoy your content.

Although these points may seem obvious, it doesn’t make them any less important to incorporate into your digital communications. Getting the foundations right with email marketing will see longevity, trust and loyalty with your new and existing customers.

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