5 must haves for your website

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5 must haves for your website

Picture this – you’ve spent ages putting together the finishing touches on your business’ website, or paying someone else to do it. It goes live. You wait with anticipation. And after awhile, you see some stats including the bounce rates. What is making people leave your site? What are they looking for that they can’t find?

You have about three seconds to make an impression with first time visitors. If you don’t catch their interest in that time, they’re gone.

While every business and website is different, there are a few core parts to a successful website that you simply must have in order to satisfy even the most basic requirements of people’s curiosity or needs for being there.

Here are our top five must haves for your website:

A clear description of what it is you do or offer

It is important to include key messages about your business. This information can be included on your About page or home page so people see it as soon as they get to your site. Either way, it needs to be clear what you do, what your story is and how you can help a potential customer solve their problem through buying your product or seeking your services. You could also use this space to showcase some of your staff and brand’s personality and history.

Customer testimonials

Potential customers love seeing what your previous customers have to say about your products or services. Testimonials give your brand credibility, build trust and give new customers more confidence in you. Testimonials have been shown to facilitate buying decisions for new customers.

A contact page

If someone wants to get in touch for any reason and you haven’t provided easy access to your contact information, they will likely not spend that long looking and will potentially end up at your competitor’s website. A contact page can include contact forms, maps, office or store locations, social media handles, the usual phone and email details, or a mix.

Calls to action

So, you’ve got a visitor to your website interested and ready to either contact you, buy from you or learn more about you. Make sure you make it as obvious as possible what options they have on your site by giving them ‘calls to action’. Effective calls to action have clear messages, such as ‘order now’, ‘call us’, or ‘sign up’.

A usable design

These days, with web design more accessible for people who can’t code and design sites offering cost effective graphic and image services, there isn’t much of an excuse for poor looking websites.

Not only do you need an aesthetically pleasing site with a relevant design and pictures, but you need one that is easy to navigate around, with an obvious flow to that movement. This is referred to as user experience design, and while it’s a huge concept, it can be broken down into smaller elements. If you’ve at least got the basics right then people won’t experience the frustrations of a poorly designed site.

Outside of these five must haves, you should also have fresh content on your blog, product and services updates, links to your social media channels, email sign-up forms and much more.

Talk to us if you’d like us to review and optimise your website, create website content or project manage a website redevelopment.

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