5 ways to attract more leads through your blog

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5 ways to attract more leads through your blog

Maintaining a blog for your brand can be great for a number of reasons. It can help boost your search engine ranking so that more customers can find you online, it can help build trust between you and your customers, and it can position you as a leader in your field.

But a blog can only achieve these things if you follow a few important rules. So, you want to transform your blog into a lead generator? Try these five things.


Become a problem solver


To transform your blog into a lead generator, you’ll need to make sure it is engaging and solution-based. Every time a person uses a search engine, they are looking for an answer to a specific query that they have. In order for your blog to show up in search results, it needs to serve the purpose of solving problems. To attract warm leads, consider providing information pertaining specifically to your offering or your industry more widely. Remember, the more specific you are with your blog topics, the less competition there will be in search results and the more likely you will be to attract valuable leads.


Include call to actions


So you have people visiting your blog. Hooray! Now you’ll want them to engage with you. One way to do this is to include attractive and punchy calls-to-action in your blog posts. Try including a call-to-action in the form of an eye-catching button at the bottom of each post. Make sure to use active words in your calls-to-action and incorporate vibrant colours in the design.


Be original


In order to stand out amongst the abundance of content continuously being pushed out online, you must have a unique and original approach to your written content. In addition to solving a specific problem for your target audience, blog content should be authentic. Your blog should speak to your audience not only with the purpose of giving them a valuable resource, but it should carry with it your core values as a brand. Once your audience is satisfied with the content they have read, you’ll want them to further engage with your brand. Authenticity brings with it a sense of trust, and can encourage your customers to engage with you. If they know you are being real, they will be more likely to trust your brand and connect with your offering.


Simplify your page design


A great web page design will guide your viewer’s eyes seamlessly through your page content. It will stimulate them to read your page content and will direct them through the page and eventually to your call-to-action. Consider maximising the use of white space to help guide your viewer’s gaze. Use large headers to break down the written content and to make it easier to digest.


Install an exit pop-up


Pop-ups get a bad rap. They can be extremely annoying and distracting, especially when trying to read long form content. But exit pop-ups – which display once the user moves to exit the page – are a little different to regular pop ups, and they really work. One case study found that when an exit pop-up was employed on single posts, it increased sign ups by 600%. Exit pop-ups are significantly less invasive and arguably less annoying than entry or scroll pop ups. This is because they don’t interrupt your viewer from reading your content. Instead, they give them one last chance to engage with your brand before leaving your website.


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