A behind-the-scenes look at awards judging

Behind the glitz and glamour of award ceremonies lies a rigorous business awards judging process that ensures the selection of truly outstanding candidates. Understanding this process can empower you to craft awards submissions that stand out, capture the attention of the judges and secure success.

What judges look for

Judges are tasked with the critical responsibility of sifting through a sea of submissions, each vying for recognition. In this process, they seek submissions that not only meet the award criteria but also showcase exceptional qualities that set them apart.

Here are some of the key things they’re looking for:

Adherence to criteria: The foundation of a successful submission lies in its adherence to the award criteria. Judges meticulously review submissions to ensure that they address all the specified requirements and guidelines. Failure to meet these criteria can lead to immediate disqualification.

Evidence and statistics: Claims made in submissions should be backed by concrete evidence and statistics. Judges value data-driven insights that substantiate the company’s achievements and impact. This could include financial figures, market share growth, customer testimonials, or industry benchmarks.

Compelling story: Numbers alone don’t tell the whole story. Judges are drawn to submissions that weave a compelling narrative, showcasing the company’s journey, challenges overcome, and the human element behind its success. Engaging storytelling keeps judges invested and helps them connect with the submission on a deeper level.

Visual appeal: Visuals complement the words, adding depth and dimension to the submission. High-quality images, infographics, and videos can effectively convey complex ideas, highlight key points, and leave a lasting impression on the judges.

Who are the judges?

Awards programs typically engage industry experts, business leaders, or past winners as judges. This is usually undertaken on a voluntary basis.

Industry experts: Industry experts bring their specialised knowledge and experience to the judging table. They are well-versed in the intricacies of the industry and can assess submissions with a critical eye, identifying innovation, best practices, and significant contributions.

Business leaders: Business leaders bring a broader perspective, considering the overall impact and business acumen of the submissions. They evaluate submissions based on their strategic vision, market influence, and ability to drive positive change. Remember they may not be familiar with your particular industry which is why you should avoid jargon and explain any industry-specific information in your submission.

Past winners: Past winners offer a unique perspective, having navigated the judging process themselves. They can provide insights into the judges’ expectations and what makes a submission stand out from the crowd.

Research and Preparation

As the judges delve into the submissions, competition intensifies. To ensure your submission stands out, thorough research and preparation are essential.

Here are the steps to take when it comes to research and preparation:

Research the judges: Gaining an understanding of the judges’ backgrounds, expertise, and interests can help tailor your submission to resonate with their perspectives. This could involve reviewing their previous judging engagements, publications, or public statements.

Understand the judging methodology: Familiarise yourself with the judging process. Some awards programs will deploy a points system, others are more subjective. This will help you anticipate their evaluation criteria and craft a submission that aligns with their expectations.

Scrutinise the award criteria: Carefully examine the award criteria, dissecting each element and ensuring your submission addresses every aspect comprehensively. Leave no room for doubt that your company meets all the specified requirements.

Seek feedback and proofread: Share your submission with trusted colleagues or industry peers for feedback. Their fresh perspective can identify areas for improvement and help you refine your submission for maximum impact. Proofread meticulously to eliminate grammatical errors and typos that could undermine your credibility.

Once you understand how an award will be judged you can maximise your chances of success.

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