To App, or not to App?

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To App, or not to App?

In today’s digital world, there is no denying the impact mobile devices and are having on the business landscape – both locally and abroad. Smartphones and tablets have become synonymous with our lifestyles, as we are able to gain real-time insights or access to almost anything. We can take our photos, music, friends, games, movies and even our banking details with us wherever we go.

We’re obsessed with having our devices on us from the minute we turn off our alarm in the morning, to the last quick check of news in the evening; we’re using these devices more than 150 times a day. And because of this obsession, businesses have been given the ability to jump straight out of the deep blue abyss and literally into the hands of existing and potential customers.

It is estimated that more than 10,000 new apps are hitting the stores daily across the globe. In Australia, there is an annual growth rate of 175 per cent in new app developments, totalling a yearly value of more than $300 million.

So is building an App worth it?

As a business you need to ask yourself “is there a benefit to this activity, or are we just doing it for the sake of it?”. Sure there are going to be pros to building an app, but the ongoing commitment of maintaining, upgrading and evolving the app are worth considering before you take the plunge.

Three reasons not to build an App


There will always be an ongoing financial and marketing commitment with any live app – testing, new releases, bug fixes. Over 60 per cent of new mobile apps are never updated after release, ultimately leading to their demise.

There’s little point building an app that offers nothing different to your mobile website. If you’ve got a fantastic responsive mobile site, what more could an app really deliver?

If the rest of your marketing strategy isn’t aligned and on route to set objectives, don’t become distracted by “new and shiny” mobile apps. It will only hinder your overall progress.

Three reasons to build an app


Apps can allow you to broaden your market coverage via geo-targeted or location based offers or information that will be convenient for people on the go.

Apps allow for the sharing of real-time information and engagement with your customers, ultimately enhancing customer experience by cultivating customer loyalty.

Apps generate meaningful feedback which helps your brand to stay relevant – what better test is there for your brand to stay relevant than to be carried around in your customer’s pocket, all day, everyday?

Although there are strong arguments for and against building an app, it is important that it is a part of your overall marketing strategy, not simply a bandaid solution. Like any digital activity, it will require patience, tweaking and constant learning for it to be successful. That being said, if you get it right, you’ll never look back. If you would like some advice on building an app for your business, contact us today.

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