When are the Best times to post on social media?

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When are the Best times to post on social media?

When you post social media updates and photos for your business, do you know if your ideal target audience is online to see it straight away? Or would there be a better time to be hitting their news feed?

You could take an educated guess and you might not be far off. You probably already know that 4am on a Monday morning isn’t your ideal time to be posting; you’re not going to get a high level of engagement at this time.

There is a lot of conflicting information about what the best times to post on social media are, but it really comes down to your business type, your objectives and target audience.

We took a look at some of the best days and times to post on some of the most common social media platforms:

Times to Post on Facebook

The weekend days are clear frontrunners as the more optimal days to post on Facebook. The best time can really depend on who you’re talking to, but as a general rule, the early afternoon does well with engagement, at about 1pm – 3pm. Posts after 8pm haven’t performed as well, along with very early mornings.

The weekdays are still very popular, with Thursday and Friday more so than earlier in the week.

Time to Post on Twitter

Twitter is a hard nut to crack sometimes, because once you’ve posted your tweet it’s immediately moved down the line in someone’s feed. It won’t resurface higher on the feed just because it gets a few likes. This is why you’ll see a lot of businesses posting the same tweet multiple times over a few days or weeks; they’re trying to target different audiences that missed it the first time.

In general, the early afternoon on any day seems to be good, along with peak periods at around 5pm. Your industry and target audience will determine if your posts do better during the week or on the weekends.

When to Post on LinkedIn

Being that LinkedIn is predominately used by professionals, it is most active right before and after normal working hours. Posts between 9am – 5pm don’t get as much engagement.

In saying that, around midday can be a good time as lots of people access their social networks during their lunch breaks. Late at night tends to be the worst time to post as LinkedIn isn’t usually the chosen social network for people when they are winding down in the evening.

The middle of the week tends to be the best days to post, with Tuesday being the frontrunner, as some are slow to start on a Monday and quick to start the weekend on a Friday.

Optimal Time to Post on Instagram

Mondays seem to be a clear winner as the best day to post on Instagram, although, because of it’s mobility, Instagram doesn’t seem to have a set ‘best’ time to post, as people are generally on there day and night.

Instagram is the social network that you will have to test out with your own posts, and based on your industry and desired outcome, work out when is best for you to be posting.

Instagram videos seem to do well late into the evening, as many studies show Instagram is the preferred social network to check before, or while in, bed.

The Time to Post on Pinterest

Saturdays are the day of choice for a lot of Pinterest activity, as is any day in the wee hours of the morning and the early hours of the afternoon.

Users tend to spend more time on Pinterest than most other social networks and it’s the social network with the highest amount of website click-throughs!


For Google+, the start of the work day is usually the best time to be posting, as more engagement has been recorded at those times. Wednesday came out on top as the best day for Google+ posts, while the weekends are a lot quieter so best to save your good content for during the week.

Where to from here?

It’s important that you’re targeting your efforts on the social media platforms that will work the best for your business type as well as at the right time. If you’re not sure, have a look at another of our blog posts ‘which social media platforms suit your business?’

Keep in mind that your usual ‘best times/days’ can change over time, especially around the holidays.

Above all, you need to do your research and develop social media objectives. What works for one business in your industry may not work for another. Give it some time, test it, and see what days and times work for you. Once you hit the sweet spot in your timings you’ll be off and racing!

If you’d like some guidance with your social media strategy, contact us today.

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