How to build your customer base through influencer marketing

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How to build your customer base through influencer marketing

For a long time brands have used influential people to promote their products and services. Celebrities are often used in tv commercials and print ads to influence viewers to buy. But only since the rise of social media platforms like Instagram have influencers really exploded online. Brands spent more than $1 billion dollars on influencer marketing in 2017 and the market is predicted to be worth $10 billion in 2020. So what’s all the fuss about?

Influencer marketing has become an important way for brands to build credibility and leverage exposure to a new set of customers.

What is an influencer?

Just as the name indicates, an influencer is someone of influence. It is a person who has a following within a certain niche and has some power of influence over buying decisions. Their ability to influence their followers makes them particularly valuable to brands. Influencers can help brands build leads, drive conversions and provide a new perspective for brands on user data and buying behaviours.

So can any brand use influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is particularly common amongst product or service based B2C brands, but it can be leveraged by B2B businesses too. Product-based businesses benefit greatly from influencer marketing, particularly on Instagram where visual appeal is highly valued.

How does influencer marketing work?

Influencer marketing puts your offering in the hands of a new set of warm leads. 67 percent of marketers believe influencer marketing helps them reach a more targeted audience, thus driving better results. Here’s how it works.

Build credibility

By passing the (marketing) baton onto a third party individual who maintains authority in their community, you can build credibility for your brand, while broadening your customer base. Instead of marketing from your own brand’s perspective, influencer marketing provides a third party endorsement, giving you the opportunity to market from a new perspective and reach a new and very targeted audience.

Utilise trust

Working with influencers means that most of the hard work is already done when it comes to building trust. An influencer already maintains a relationship of trust with their followers. They therefore come from a position of authority and influence. This makes them a valuable tool of persuasion for driving direct sales of your product or service.

Reach a new audience

Influencers can help expand your marketing efforts to reach a new audience. They allow you to reach people that you otherwise mightn’t reach through other marketing methods. Influencer marketing also gives you a new perspective of your customers. You are able to learn not only user insights from your own social channels, but you’re able to garner user insights from a new perspective – from the platforms of your influencer.

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