Does my business need a blog?

Does my business need a blog?

A blog is a valuable marketing tool, giving your brand and business credibility and making you stand out amongst your competitors. The benefits of having a business blog include:

Sharing Information

Blogs are a great way to answer people’s questions, share ideas and advice, keep up engagement with your customers or clients, share news, launch new products or services and demonstrate thought leadership in your field so you become the go-to person on particular subjects.

Improved SEO

Having a blog is one of the best and easiest ways to improve SEO.

Search engine algorithms favour websites that have fresh, valuable content on a regular basis. This will ensure your website ranks better in search results and it makes it easier for people to find you, driving traffic to your website.

Social media integration

Every blog post you write can be shared across your social media channels, driving traffic back to your website, and getting your content out there in front of more people.
This also means you don’t have to source as much content for social media posts, as you already have great content you can share.

Content marketing

A business blog should be the centre of all of your content marketing efforts. Blog content can be repurposed across all other marketing channels, from social media, to email marketing and newsletters, to e-books.

Showcasing your brand’s voice

A blog will allow you to showcase the personality of your business and help your business stand out amongst competitors. It gives your business it’s voice, shows people what you’re all about and tells your brand or business story.

Return on investment

Blogs have a high return on investment. Every post you publish has the potential to be recycled and re-read again and again over time. Anyone can access the website and blog, and you don’t need to ‘send it out’ or pay per person to read it.

Establishing credibility

A business blog positions you as a thought leader. By answering the common questions people have, offering advice and consistently creating valuable content, you can build credibility. This can then help boost other areas of your business, opening the door to sales.

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