Has your business identified its brand values?

Has your business identified its brand values?

At the core of every successful business is a well developed brand presence, but what are the building blocks of a thriving brand presence? It all starts with your brand values.

Brand values are the words we use to describe what a brand stands for. They embody a brand’s approach and express how a business would like to be viewed in the market.

For example, Green Door Co’s brand values are – Agile, Authentic, Curious and Smart. These brand values inform everything we do.

Branding is all about presenting your business in a way that not only draws the attention of customers but lets them know that your business provides what they are looking for. Relevant, focused and unique brand values set your business apart from the competition, elevating your business above the noise and helping customers to really see the heart of your business. They are the backbone of a successful brand and the reason that a customer will choose one brand over another, even if both brands provide the exact same product or service.

How can you identify your brand values?

It can be challenging to narrow down the right brand values. You may find that throughout stages of business development, your brand identity evolves, making it difficult to cement brand values. To get it right, you need to make sure your brand values are:


Brand values are not only the backbone of your brand, they represent the ‘who’ of your business. Aside from the product or service you provide, brand values represent how you, your employees and customers identify with your business. They should be relevant to your business objectives and should embody how you would like your business to appear to customers and prospective customers.

For example, is it relevant for a toy brand to be “professional”? Even if they are, isn’t it more important that they be positioned as “creative” or “playful”? – these brand values are far more relevant to the brand.


Your brand values should have focused intentions. They should help you to attract your perfect customer, so it’s important to have your target audience in mind when identifying them.

Overly generic brand values will mean that your brand will get lost in the crowd. For example, “customer-focused” doesn’t tell you much about a brand, you need to drill down further. How do you focus on your customer? Are you “responsive” or “trusted”?


When thinking of your brand values, you should be sure that your competitors don’t have the same brand values. After all you shouldn’t offer the same approach. Remember, your business has something to offer that no other business does.

Through practical branding exercises, Green Door Co can help your business to narrow down the key brand values that are at the core of your business and brand, ensuring they are relevant, focused and unique.

If you would like help to identify your business’ brand values, get in touch with Green Door Co today.

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