If content is king, what’s queen?

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If content is king, what’s queen?

Living in a digital world has offered marketers, business owners and innovators the ability to create and share like never before. Technology literally rests within the palms of our hands and allows the world to be accessed via our fingertips. We’re operating in a real-time, technologically advanced environment where nothing is off limits. We can see, hear and feel stories and events from all over the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There is no switching off.

Funnily enough, Facebook is the world’s biggest aggregator of content, yet it creates no content. It’s merely a platform, similarly to YouTube and Instagram, that allows us to share our human stories and content via these digital platforms. Now this may seem blaringly obvious, but when we think about the phrase “Content is King” there’d be very few people who would disagree. But if content is King, then what’s Queen?

Put simply, the king – Content – provides the opportunity, and the Queen represents the ability to amplify or unlock this opportunity.

If content is king, then the Queen is represented by:

  1. Promotion
    • Often content creation is not the part we need help with, it’s how to promote it to the right people at the right time. Are you sharing your content in places your target is likely to find it? Is the content relevant at this point in time? A basketballer doesn’t simply take a shot from anywhere on the court; he waits until he can see the goal post and has the ability to reach it as effectively as possible.
  2. Storytelling
    • Humans connect with humans. We want to be moved, we want to feel, we want to identify with the person and their story. Whether you’re a business or an individual your greatest strength is your personal experience and how you can use this to connect with others to inspire or educate. What is compelling about your story and how you can you share it?
  3. Engagement
    • Are people enjoying your content, or are you talking to yourself? If you use content to inspire, educate or persuade your audience you need to know what makes them tick – or should we say “click”. Sure you’re inviting people into your world, but what do you know about your audience? Do you care enough to find out? Content that reaches the crux of your audience is imperative. Otherwise, what’s the point?

An old proverb suggests that “behind every great man is a great woman” and if content is king, this couldn’t be more true. There is no great content without the Queen – a promotional strategy, engagement insights or human components. Without this forethought, your content is merely a spec of sand on the beach; although you know it exists it’s unlikely to be found or touched before being swept away into the depths of the ocean.

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