What counts as a media hook?

Media hook for newspaper headline

What counts as a media hook?

Does your brand have exciting news that you would like to share with the world? Perhaps you are launching a new product range, you might be running your very first event, or maybe your brand is opening a store in a new location. How can you get the message out to the people that matter to your brand?

One of the best ways to spread your exciting news is to engage the media and let them spread the word. By engaging the right media outlets and getting them to share your story, you can broadcast your news to the right people, attract more leads to your business and increase sales.

This can often be harder than it sounds. Although your news might be exciting to you and perhaps to your target audience, journalists simply will not show interest if your story is not newsworthy or framed the right way. And if journalists are not interested in your story, they will not publish it.

So how can you ignite interest from the media so that they share your news?

You need a media hook.

What exactly is a media hook?

Your media hook is the ingredient in your brand’s news story that will spark interest from the audience and therefore from the media.

To get it right, you will need to think like the press. What will hook their audience? Chances are it’s not going to be “Local business runs its very first event”. Instead, think about what sets your event aside from other events in the area. How is it unique and why will it be important to your target audience?

A media hook might be something that:

Is trending in the news

A journalist’s main objective is to create news stories that will grab the attention of their audience and boost their publication’s readership. So if a topic is already trending, then most of the hard work is done. If you can provide a new angle for a topic that is already trending in the news with your brand’s spin on it, this is a great start.

Surprises people

A surprising news story will grab the attention of journalists and their readers. While your news story might not be surprising in its simplest form, there is likely to be an angle that you can create for your story that will evoke interest and surprise from readers.

Provides a solution to a problem

Consumers are constantly looking to brands to provide solutions to day-to-day problems. Think of your brand specifically. The purpose of your brand, product or service is to provide solutions for your target audience. So it’s important to express this solution through your news headline.

Say for instance, your company is launching a new product: reusable coffee cups. A tired, boring headline would be “Local brand makes reusable coffee cups”. Instead, grab the attention of journalists with a headline that a.) addresses a problem and b.) provides the solution. For example “New reusable coffee cup range set to reverse the 1 billion disposable coffee cups in Australian landfill every year”.

Evokes an emotional response

Humans are emotional beings. Researchers have found that when we react to something emotionally, it can influence how well we remember it. So, by eliciting an emotional response in your story headline, it will not only grab the attention of reporters, but can make a memorable impact on them.

Would you like to create a media hook that will work? PR experts at Green Door Co can help. Talk to us today.

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