Should I create timely content or evergreen content?

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Should I create timely content or evergreen content?

For brands, creating relevant and engaging content is one of the key ways to gain leads and build a flourishing customer base online. So which type of content is best: timely or evergreen?


Timely content is content that is relevant to a particular event, season, time or day. It might focus on a current event or a new technology relevant to your industry. Timely content can involve something that is trending in the news. It might focus on special days of the year like Christmas or Mother’s Day. Or it can draw on certain current events or announcements relating to your brand or industry. To get the most out of your timely content, create an angle that will cut through to your target audience.

Timely content is effective because it shows your target audience that your brand is current and on top of the latest news and trends. It can also help you to reach a new engaged audience. By leveraging topical news or announcements, it gives your content greater currency.

On the other hand, while this type of content might be great for reaching a wider audience, there are a few downsides to only creating timely content. Because it revolves around a certain event, day or timeframe, it usually has an expiry date. This makes it quite time consuming to create on the regular. Unlike evergreen content, which can be re-posted at any time, timely content can usually only be shared once before it is deemed redundant.


Evergreen content refers to content that is timeless. It isn’t tied to a certain event or day. Because of this, evergreen content is very time and cost efficient to create. It will always (within reason) be relevant to your target audience. Therefore it can be reused, reposted or repurposed for different mediums any time after it has been created. Unlike timely content, it can continue to build reach and engagement long after it is created and can therefore work as an effective lead generator for your brand on an ongoing basis.

To make your evergreen content really work for your brand, it should be relevant, valuable and should solve a problem that your target audience might have.

On the other hand, while evergreen content offers a great opportunity for you to build leads with very little need for ongoing maintenance, it can begin to feel a little monotonous if it is the only form of content you are creating and sharing. It also may not be as compelling as topical or timely content.

A combination is key

To maximise the potential of your content, a great approach is to create both timely and evergreen content. By adding both of these to your content calendar, your brand will get the best of both worlds: reaching a wider audience by utilising the latest news and trends, as well as generating leads on an ongoing basis through relevant evergreen content.

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