What is customer engagement and how do you do it successfully?

How to improve your customer engagement

What is customer engagement and how do you do it successfully?

Being personable and engaging with your customers isn’t a new thing for a digital market. While it has evolved with the changing structures of business, it’s been the way to do good business forever. It seems simple enough – be good to your customers and they will be good to you and your business. But what is customer engagement exactly?

Customer engagement simply means the two-way interaction you have with your customers. Many businesses are taking advantage of the easy access that the internet provides them, being able to speak to their customers on a more personal level for years.

Here are our tips on successfully engaging with your customers:

Get personal on social

Interacting with your customers and replying to comments on social media, especially using their name or handle, is a great way to engage with them. It shows them that you have personally read their comment, appreciated their time and are giving back to them by acknowledging it. The more special you can make your customers feel, the more loyal they will be to your business, and you could be creating an army of awesome brand advocates!

Go to where your customers are

While it’s great to be replying to your customers online, make sure the main places you are building your brand online is where your customers are hanging out. Are they on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or a mixture? Would they prefer you to email them once a week or to offer a special resource section of your website just for them? It’s important that you focus your energy where they prefer it so you can get the best reactions and interactions.

Speak their language

Once you’ve found your pocket of customers, and are getting all close and personal with them, do make sure to be speaking their language. By this I mean really look at who they are, what you can offer them, and how you position your branding. Are they a young crowd, perhaps using more emojis than necessary and social lingo? Or is it a professional crowd where you need to speak with a little more eloquence and know-how? It might take a little while to nestle in and find your voice, but with practice you’ll get it! And remember, you can’t please every single person, so just be true to your brand and the customers who resonate with that will be the ones who stick around.

Be human

Humanising your brand goes along with the above point of being true to your brand and it’s voice, but it also means to show a bit of personality and the realness of your business and brand. People want to be able to relate to you and know that you are real. This could mean posting behind the scenes photos of your workplace or projects on social media, or showing your customers a bit about your team through email marketing. Get your customers a bit more involved in who you are. For a better look at how to humanise your brand, check out our article here.

Go the extra mile

Going out of your way for a customer or surprising them in some way can mean the difference between a repeat customer…and a lost one. This could be as simple as standing out in the crowd in your industry, whether that’s being more interactive on social media, or ensuring your parcels are posted with a handwritten note. Doing something out of the ordinary, to exceed expectation, will make their day and increase their loyalty to your brand, especially these days when so many other brands are just interested in more customers and more money. Be the authentic one.

By adopting and encouraging positive customer engagement, you can leave a lasting impression on your customers and have some fun in the process! If you’d like some help kicking off your engagement strategy, contact us today.

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