March morale boost: Good news and social media stories

march good news

March morale boost: Good news and social media stories

When looking for good news and social media stories from March, we found ourselves saying “How is it March already!?” Now that’s gone too. 2019 is flying ahead, which has made it even more important to stop, savour and share the warm and fuzzy news stories that come across our desks. So here they are!

  1. Hiker lost in Victoria becomes her own good news story

In mid-March, two hikers were lost in bushland near Mount Buffalo in Victoria. Friends and family had begun to fear for their safety. Luckily after four days, they were found safe and well. Prior to this adventure, hiker Cindy Bohan had encouraged her friends to share positive news stories, during their weekly lunches. She wanted happiness rather than dwelling on the sadness and doom and gloom of everyday news. Little did Cindy know, she would become one of those good news stories herself.

Cindy modestly believes the good news light should shine on the 100-strong rescue effort who searched for her and her partner. She openly admitted she would like to see more recognition for thousands of unsung heroes, like firefighters, search and rescue teams, teachers and nurses who look to improve lives every day. You can read more about Cindy’s effort to share great news here.

  1. #trashtag is inspiring people to clean up their parks

It’s not often you see images of rubbish on Instagram. It’s well-known that users of the social media platform curate the perfect image for likes and follows. But finally, here is a hashtag being put to good use. It started when a person on Reddit encouraged “bored teens” to create a “wholesome meme” and the trend simply took off. The challenge has generated numerous photos and hundreds of thousands of likes and mentions across Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter. The hashtag typically features before and after pictures of a beach, roadside or park being covered in rubbish and then cleaned up. See it for yourself here.

  1. School Strike 4 climate

On March 15 at midday, around the world, school students left school to strike for the future of our planet.

Organisers estimated that 150,000 Australian students attended 50 different rallies across Australia. The movement has gained traction around the world. Students from over 100 countries took part in the strike. The movement’s founder, 16-year-old Swedish student Greta Thunberg, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The protest has been heralded as more effective than the UN with many students saying “I can’t go to school, I have to save the planet.” For more coverage of the climate strikes, read on here.

  1. Boy’s letter to Qantas boss for ‘CEO advice’ goes viral

You are never ever too old or young to start your own business. This inspiring news story comes from a 10 year old boy, Alex, who wrote to Qantas CEO Alan Joyce for advice on how to start his own airline, Oceania Airlines.

Alex had already begun working on a few areas such as catering, types of planes and flight numbers, but found himself stuck on where to go next. Mr Joyce typically doesn’t give advice to competitor airlines, but offered to meet with the budding entrepreneur to “compare notes”. Read the rest of Alex’s letter to Alan Joyce here.

So there you have it! Which was your favourite? Or do you have your own good news story to share? It never hurts to promote the softer side of your business. Maybe your CEO gets involved with charity work or you recently supported a good cause. If you would like help promoting your good news to shine a light on your business, contact us today.

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