5 things to include in a high performing website

5 things to include in a high performing website

One of the best ways to promote your business and get your name out there is to have a high performing website, one where your customers can find more out about your products or services and what you have to offer. It can be tempting to sell to your customers right away, but this can overwhelm them and ultimately turn them away. Instead, make your website a place that people enjoy visiting, and you’ll see some cut through.  

So, what should you include on your website for high performance? Here are 5 ideas:

  1. Optimise your website for mobile

In 2018, to date, 52.2% of web searches were done on mobile. This means that your website must be prepared for your customer base to come to your website through their smartphone. Optimising your website for mobile means ensuring that your page automatically scales for the smaller screen and your contact links open using the relevant apps. For example, you should enable ‘click to call’, where pressing on your phone number opens the phone dialler or clicking on an email address opens into Gmail or the preferred email app.

  1. Enable tracking

One way to understand if you are hitting the right target audience is to find out where your visitors are coming from. Enabling tracking so your website captures the geography of your visitors and this data can help you refine your future sales and marketing campaigns.

  1. Make your contact information easy to find

If potential customers have a question, giving them a quick and easy way to contact you reduces your chance of a lost sale. Similarly, sharing your social media links on your website enables your customers to find out more about your brand and the online communities you engage with. Social links are a wonderful opportunity for your customers to share your content with their own networks, thus assisting to grow your potential customer base organically.

  1. Keep your website copy clear and quick

Speak to your customers directly and tell them what you do in a succinct manner. Include your USP, some customer testimonials and check your links regularly to make sure they are still active and click through to the right places. Don’t pile on widgets and other apps that slow down your page and draw attention away from your main message. A slow website ranks poorly for SEO and potential customers will leave very quickly.

  1. Ensure your security is up to date

Make sure your SSL certificate is in place and up to date. This is especially crucial if you are collecting information like email addresses and payment information. Having an active SSL certificate means your customers can trust your website is safe and this will enhance your overall brand image as a trusted source.

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