How to leverage something topical in the news

How to leverage something topical in the news

How to leverage something topical in the news

When news breaks, certain keywords and topics become highly searched and begin to trend. Hashtags are created and the news topic becomes the talk of the town. Imagine if your brand could leverage news to achieve the same hype.

How can you use exciting, positive news to really promote your brand? Here are 3 tips:

Be timely

Some newsworthy events are planned long in advance, like sporting events or celebrity visits, which means you can plan your marketing campaigns to align with the event or news item. To understand what might be newsworthy during your campaign planning, look at Google’s ‘Year in Search’ on Google Trends. This will show you what news items were popular during that year or what keywords were most frequently searched.

If news items that were popular recur annually, this is an easy way to plan to include news into your campaign. Most keywords can also assist you in understanding what language is typically most searched for and you may be able to leverage this knowledge for your campaigns.

Likewise, if it is relevant to your industry, research studies are an angle that captures the attention of the media. Research that reveals statistics and specific data may help you link to a relevant client or your own products and services.

However, never capitalise on the devastation of others. This includes breaking news of natural disasters or anniversaries of terrible events. Customers will only see you using negative news for your own gain and this will never be positively received. Always focus on light or exciting news with positive hype.

Take action

Plan a calendar of potential trending news and see how you can tweak your marketing campaigns to align. Schedule your social media posts to align with the launch of pre-planned events. This ensures your brand is timely and is affiliated early on in the news cycle with the story. Show your brand personality and use relevant hashtags. The next phase of your campaign should keep an eye on affiliated events and news coverage. If something stands out, insert yourself into the conversation, add your thoughts and connect with a hashtag. Creating a link between your brand and the news item gives your brand exposure alongside trending items.

Similarly, becoming a thought-leader and disseminating relevant news stories via your blog is an easy way to link your brand with newsworthy content. Sharing a news story and adding a few relevant thoughts will give your business more exposure.  

Create a strong link to your brand

Always choose news that is relevant to your brand and product or services. Find news that reflects your brand personality and an image you wish to portray about your services. The topic doesn’t need to be directly related to your industry, but it’s important that your customers can see a link between the news story and your brand. You may need to think creatively and focus on keywords or themes. Find a way to utilise trending hashtags, as this will place your marketing efforts alongside the leading news stories. This may also assist you to utilise relevant keywords and phrases that link your brand to the trending news.

Remember, if you are struggling to find a link between today’s top news story and your brand then it might be wise to leave it. There will always be other news stories and if you are forcing the link, your customers may struggle to understand the connection.

If you would like help to enhance the exposure of your business by leveraging news, speak with Green Door Co today.

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