How to humanise your brand on social media

humanising brand on social media

How to humanise your brand on social media

You wouldn’t speak like a robot, all stiff and boring, if you were face to face or on the phone with a customer, so why should your social media tone of voice be any different?

If anything, social media is the one place people expect to see a bit of personality, a bit of humour, or a bit of entertainment. If you’re not already, you need to start using your brand’s human side to your advantage.

Here are some ways you can humanise your brand on social media:

Have a personality

Social media is a place where you can show off your brand’s personality, and connect with a huge amount of your audience and followers simultaneously.

Speak as though you’re speaking to a friend, show a humourous side with memes and funny pictures, give your audience the chance to learn new things about your business or industry by offering helpful information, share staff profiles, or give them a look ‘behind the scenes’ at how things run. It can be a lot of fun to find out what works best with your audience. One trick is to read your post out loud before making it live, and just see if it sounds like a friendly chat, or more rigid.

Keep it consistent and on brand

While you can have fun with social media content, it’s still important to keep your posts consistent and in line with your brand’s messages. You don’t want your social pages to feel as though they are written by three different people – it’s nice if followers can feel as though they are getting to know ‘you’.

Be relatable and ‘real’

People like to buy from people, not brands, and just as arrogant people are avoided in real life, so will brands that behave that way on social media.

Engage with your audience

Start conversations on social media and ask your audience questions. Not only can this help you with your marketing or advertising efforts, but you’ll also get to know the types of people who like your brand. You can also have set days of the week for special ‘chat’ days, regular competitions or one off ‘Twitter parties’.

Take ownership of mistakes

When things go wrong it can spread fast. It’s really important to publicly take responsibility for any mistakes or issues, and also privately if required. This will show the rest of your followers that you are accessible, that you care, and that you’re willing to go the extra mile. This can be really positive for your brand, as people are also really quick to spread positive news as well.

Talk to us if you want us to help you create an authentic voice on social media.

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