Media coverage wins: Flatpack Assembly Services, Roccbox & Atelier Wealth

Flatpack furniture disaster

Media coverage wins: Flatpack Assembly Services, Roccbox & Atelier Wealth

Getting featured in the media is an excellent way to get your brand out there, build credibility and win new business.

Here are some major media coverage wins we’ve secured for our clients recently.

Flatpack Assembly Services 

Flatpack Assembly Services’ licensed and fully insured flatpack technicians install and assemble people’s flatpack products at their home or office for a flat fee. 

To build Flatpack Assembly Services’ brand awareness in the Australian market we led a PR campaign to highlight the common relationship challenges of putting together flatpack furniture. It turns out, according to research we conducted, over half of Australians admit that they’ve fought with a spouse or partner when putting together flatpack furniture and more than six out of 10 have experienced a flatpack furniture disaster.

The research results were picked up by some major media outlets including Yahoo! Finance and Better Homes and Gardens and were syndicated to nearly 12o local and regional newspapers. A great result!

Little Fish Marketing is the lead agency on the Flatpack Assembly Services account. Green Door Co provides support for PR.


Roccbox is a stylish and high-tech portable pizza oven which famously cooks restaurant quality pizza in just 60 seconds in the comfort of your own home.

We are leading the Australian PR for the maker of Roccbox, Gozney, to support the launch of the product in Australia. We’ve secured some fantastic media and social media coverage in Business Insider, GadgetGuy, Spooning Australia, Yahoo! Finance and many more.

Marzipan Media is the lead agency on the Gozney account in Australia. Green Door Co provides support for PR.

Atelier Wealth 

The team at Atelier Wealth recently instigated a productivity overhaul including a complete rethink of their email processes saving them the equivalent of $180,000 a year. Their initiative captured the attention of SmartCompany and the Sydney Morning Herald (with a little help from us!) Amazing coverage for an amazing business.

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